Yum or Ew? 7 Expensive Dishes Across The World That Are Gross

Gourmet food is like that club you don’t have an invitation to – expensive and elegant. Some of us love good old street food and some of us love classy gourmet food. Food lovers will argue that all food is delicious. But you have to admit, some dishes out there are completely bizarre! From eating an unborn baby bird to drinking poop coffee, we’ve listed down some of the world’s weirdest expensive dishes!

Here are 7 dishes you might not have enough money to spend on, or the guts to eat!:

  1. Fugu
    Say hello to the second most poisonous vertebrate in the world, the puffer fish. If this fish is not cooked properly, its poison tetrodotoxin will paralyze you! Only highly qualified chefs are allowed to cook this Japanese dish. So why risk death for a piece of fish? Fugu lovers eat the dish to experience a ‘fugu high’.They feel light and happy because of the presence of a low dose of tetrodotoxin. This one’s for the extreme foodies!
    source - nextshark.com

  2. Kopi Luwak
    While some of us complain about how expensive regular coffee is, the most expensive coffee in the world is far from regular. An Indonesian animal called the palm civet or civet cat is fed some coffee cherries which get digested and excreted. The coffee beans are collected from the poop and are said to have a unique taste. Thus, they are also called as cat poop coffee. You’re paying money for shit!
    source - catpoopcoffeeinc.com

  3. Bird’s nest soup
    It is what it actually says it is, a soup with a bird’s nest in it! A bird known as the cave swift makes its nest using its own saliva. The saliva hardens and eventually forms a nest. When it is boiled, it gives a jelly-like consistency which is considered a delicacy in Asia. Some nests are more expensive because the red species are said to have medicinal properties in their saliva. Saliva soup, yummm right?
    source - chineseherbalsoups.com


  1. Canard à la Rouennaise 
    Also known as ‘duck in blood sauce’, this French dish looks like a massacre on a plate. Various parts of a duck are perfectly roasted, which sounds good right? Until they pour a blood sauce all over it. The remaining parts of the duck are put in a specifically designed press machine which extracts all the juices from the body. The juices are then thickened to form the blood sauce. Bloody delicious!
    source - thesunbreak.com

  2. Sannakji
    Asian cuisine does it again! This Korean dish consists of live baby octopus. The octopus is cut alive, seasoned and served immediately. The crazy part is that the sliced pieces of octopus wiggle! If you plan on chewing it, you will spend 15 minutes. Gulp it and pray you don’t die! The tentacles have active suction cups that  can stick to your throat and choke you. Another dish for extreme food lovers!
    source - imgur.com

  3. Escargot Pearls
    French people love their snails and caviar(fish eggs). So they mixed it up to give us snail caviar! Snail farmers give their snails privacy so that they can make eggs– if you know what we mean. The snail eggs are creamish-white in colour and are sometimes flavoured with brine. They have been told to taste like baked mushrooms, except for the fact that they’re snail babies!
    source - wsimag.com

  4. Balut
    This Filipino delicacy makes the rest of the world shiver. It is a duck egg, which sounds okay except for the fact that it is an 18-day-old fetus! It is boiled alive and a part of the shell is broken. You have to then slurp the egg. In schools, Science students study the anatomy of birds using Balut and then have to eat it! It is claimed that the egg boosts male fertility. Are you man enough to eat it? Because we’re not.
    source - youtube.com

    Food around the world may be weird, but there are times the world was weirder!