YOU’RE MISSING OUT! If you don’t try these weird food combinations that taste AMAZING!

Credit - Zainab Haji

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’ *yawn* we already know!

‘Don’t judge a meal by how it sounds.’ *wide eyed* WHAT?

Yes, you heard it right! Life is too short to be boring. That is why we have for you today 5 weird food combinations that sound gross but taste that much more amazing!

  1. Salted Potato Chips and Nutella The saltiness of the potato chips and the sweetness of Nutella makes for a perfect movie-time snack!
    1-food Source - I Bake He Shoots
  2. Vanilla Ice-Cream and Fries No matter how gross it sounds, it takes fries (aka the best food) to ANOTHER level!
    2-food Source - Burpple
  3. Strawberry and Basil (tulsi leaves) The peppery nature of Basil is the perfect complement to the sweet strawberries. Mix the two and blend blend blend! Bonus: Add vodka to the drink! You’re welcome!
    3-food Source - Cookie and Kate
  4. Mango and chili With everyone going wild during the mango season, grab some for yourself. But there’s a twist! Sprinkle red chili powder and a pinch of salt on pieces of mango! The chili brings a kick to the basic (yet awesome) mangoes! 100% DELICIOUS
    4-food Source - Whole Foods Market
  5. Cheese and Jam A melted cheese and jam sandwich is perfection! It tastes so good, you’ll regret not having it before!5-food
Get your aprons out and start cooking!