Your Star Sign Told us How You'll Survive an Apocalypse

Whether it’s a natural disaster or zombie apocalypse, we all have to agree that we are scared of the ‘apocalypse’. And it doesn’t matter if it’s in the distant future or decades away, real or myth, it still frightens us. You know why? Because when it arrives at our doorsteps, it will storm in without knocking. And all of us do want to survive it, don’t we? Well, my friend, only time will tell. But just in case you were wondering what will happen to you in the case of such an event, the answer lies in your birthday. Don’t believe us? Read it for yourself:
  1. Aries
What you are like: independent, brave, impulsive, and moody AF! Survive or not: Yes, one hundred percent yes! Your courageous spirit will work well in your favour. And not only that, since you are independent, you also have good leadership skills! You’ve got this one, bro!
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  1. Taurus
What you are like: responsible, loyal, stubborn, and skeptical of sudden changes. Survive or not: 90% yes, 10% no! You are the voice of reason, the one who is going to be there for someone no matter what, but the sudden change around you might also weaken your plus points!
source-tauruszodiacsign.net source-tauruszodiacsign.net
  1. Gemini
What you are like: affectionate, quick learner, curious, and you can never make up your mind! Survive or not: Um, we hate to break this to you, but you just might not. Although you are a gentle person, you also have an indecisive personality. And we don’t think that ever works during an apocalypse!
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  1. Cancer
What you are like: loyal, emotional, mysterious, and also filled with negative emotions. Survive or not: You like comfort, you like security, and you are going to lose all of that during the apocalypse. Here’s a tip: don’t let it affect you so much and you might just survive! Might being the keyword here!
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  1. Leo
What you are like: creative, warm-hearted, arrogant, and also stubborn! Survive or not: Do we need to say this? Yes, of course you will survive! Not just that, you will do so like the true king or queen you are! People might dislike you for your arrogance but they will also love you for saving their lives!
source-leozodiacsign.net source-leozodiacsign.net
  1. Virgo
What you are like: loyal, crazy level of hardworking, and you worry a lot. Survive or not: You work hard for everything in life and this time’s no different! There are high chances of surviving, only if you don’t start having a panic attack while worrying about things!
source-fromoldbooks.org source-fromoldbooks.org
  1. Libra
What you are like: Go with the flow kind of person, gentle, and hate injustice. Survive or not: Go where the leaders are going and you are bound to survive. If you don’t, it’s going to be difficult making a decision for yourself and thus, surviving. Got it? Good!
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  1. Scorpio
What you are like: Resourceful, brave, jealous, and distrusting. Survive or not: Since you are a resourceful person, you might find a lot of unique ways to survive a disaster. Others will follow you, others might also act differently than you, but that doesn’t mean you have to mistrust them. Be your usual calm self and you will win this game!
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  1. Sagittarius
What you are like: Funny, explorer, and sometimes rude. Survive or not: You are that person who just goes with the flow and comes out of a situation as the winner. You will definitely survive, but only if you don’t wander off to explore on the way!
source-sagittariuszodiacsign.net source-sagittariuszodiacsign.net
  1. Capricorn
What you are like: responsible person who knows when to stop, know-it-all, and big-time pessimist. Survive or not: We are not quite sure. You are the kind of person who can lead well but also the kind of person people don’t like much because it’s either your way or the highway. The kind of person that others can desert along the way. Sorry?
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  1. Aquarius
What you are like: smartest of the lot, independent, shy but enthusiastic. Survive or not: We’d definitely bet our money on you! With a personality like that, it’s kind of difficult to not survive! Don’t need to hold your breaths, Aquarians!
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  1. Pisces
What you are like: wise, trust people too much too soon, and fearful.
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  Survive or not: You are intuitive, so did you know you might not make it? You get scared too soon, you panic, and you often choose the wrong person to trust. Things aren’t looking too good for you, dear friend. What will happen when you propose to her? It’s all written in the stars! Read more here!