Your Most Annoying and Adorable Habits Based on Your Sun Sign

What happens when you tell your dear friend a joke and she gets annoyed? Makes a face and walks off downright leaving you stranded? Don’t you just want to hit them? And what about the same friend sending you a box of chocolates to comfort you down? Well, now you see? A positive and a negative!

We all have people in our life with their own share of adorable and annoying bits. Habits do somewhere define an individual to their maximum core. And each person has a different habit!

Hence, here we list down the most annoying and adorable traits that are specific to each zodiac sign:

  1. Aries


Adorable: Their enthusiasm is always on another level! They are adventurous, fun, sporty and above all, loving.

Annoying: They are very temperamental. They have major temper issues and cannot control themselves most the times; ending up in fights.



  1. Taurus


Adorable: They are loving and their biggest virtue is patience!

Annoying: They are possessive, not just about others but about one self. They hence turn out to be jealous and stubborn too in no time.



  1. Gemini


Adorable: They have the knack of talking like nobody else! Social butterflies we tell you!

Annoying: They are literally two faced gossip mongers who are complete know-it-alls.



  1. Cancer


Adorable: Sensitive

Annoying: Oversensitive

Drunk in emotion, this is one sign which is helping and caring but at the same time insecure too. Making it hard for people to be around them after a certain point of time.




  1. Leo


Adorable: Their positive attitude towards life, hands down!

Annoying: They can be too self indulgent and bossy.



  1. Virgo


Adorable: They are perfectionists at almost everything they do because they are practical beings, period.

Annoying: They are overly critical of themselves and have a horrible need of complicating simple things because of their analytical behavior.



  1. Libra


Adorable: They are so friendly, they sure have a way to get their work done.

Annoying: Always stuck between a number of things, they are indecisive AF!



  1. Scorpio


Adorable: They are determined, mature and almost every time know what they are doing.

Annoying: They are manipulative as hell!




  1. Sagittarius


Adorable: They are intellectual warriors for life, hence almost never give up!

Annoying: They are also controlling and tactless, so beware you all!

  1. Capricorn


Adorable: They are the most ambitious and disciplined of all!

Annoying: They have a high superiority complex resulting in their rudeness to others!



  1. Aquarius


Adorable: They are self-sufficient yet the most helping individuals you will ever come across.

Annoying: Aloof and extremists, they are stubborn, unpredictable and unemotional.



  1. Pisces


Adorable: They are so imaginative that their creativity is unmatchable!

Annoying: They are super slow, overemotional and lost in their own world; hence they escape situations they can’t handle!



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