You won’t Believe how These 5 Bollywood Divas Look after Their Disastrous BOTOX!

Bollywood is arguably the most image conscious place on the face of this Earth. Celebs keep trying nips and tucks or let’s say that little work done on them. While plastic surgeries have done wonders to many celebs, there are some who have faced a bad time dealing with their plastic work gone wrong. Here are some of the Bollywood Divas who would regret having gone under the knife.  Some of them are so puffy from Botox, you’d barely recognize them.

  1. Kangana Ranaut – The pretty child-like actress from Gangster lost her cute lips to Botox. Not that we have stopped loving her, but we sure have become judgmental. Who’s this plump lipped stranger? Kangana Ranaut
  2. Anushka Sharma – She never gets it wrong, but then if we have to talk about one thing that has not gone in her favour is her lip job. Want proof? Presenting, Anushka Sharma! Anushka-Sharma
  3. Rakhi Sawant – Perhaps the loudest actress on Earth, Rakhi Sawant is clearly not interested in a full stop. She has done a plastic surgery on almost everything that was ever even visible. Rakhi Sawant looks more like a creepy doll of the Hollywood horror stories. What could be the reason? An Underpaid doctor? Eh, just saying! Rakhi_Sawants_plastic_surgery
  4. Koena Mitra – The choice to go plastic doesn’t always welcome you merrily. Now everyone ‘NOSE’ why! This is what she did to herself! We apologize on her behalf! Koena Mitra
  5. Kareena Kapoor – We just hate, absolutely hate to announce this, but yes, she has done it too, and it’s gone awful. Our favorite blue-eyed beauty has ruined her radiance with her plastic uplifts. Kareena-Kapoor

Such plastic surgery disasters deserve to be penalized! Agree?