YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW! 5 Stories behind Indian Sweets!

Credit - Zainab Haji

Your cravings are endless! Be it for sweet or for knowledge. Such is the Indians’ love for their desserts! Every sweet has a story that will give you a major sweet tooth and leave you wanting more!

Here are 5 such stories that will take you back in time!

  1. Rassagolla According to mythology, Lord Jagannath, served rassagollas to Lakshmi as a present to enter his home. Since then, this tradition is being followed! Sweet, huh?
    Rassagolla Source - Food Drink
  2. Gulab Jamun History says that Gulab Jamun originates from the Arabic Dessert Luqmat Al-Qadi and became popular during the Mughal Era.
    Gulab Jamun Source - Cake Industry
  3. Payasam (Kheer) It is said that Lord Krishna disguised himself as a sage and challenged the king to a game of chess. If the sage won, the king would have to give him an amount of rice grains for each tile on the chessboard, each double than the previous pile. The king lost and realized that he owed the sage 1,84,47,744 trillion tons of rice. Krishna revealed himself and said that instead of this debt, the king will have to serve payasam free of cost to pilgrims at the temple of Ambalapuzzha. This tradition is followed till date!
    Payasam (Kheer) Source - Simply vegetarian
  4. Mysore Pak Legend is that the palace cook of Mysore Palace created a concoction of ghee, sugar and besan. It pleased the royalties so much that the king ordered the cook to set up a shop outside the palace so that it could be available to the common people. The shop is available even today!
    Mysore Pak Source - Prismma
  5. Petha Legend says that since the construction workers of Taj Mahal were bored of the regular meal, the Mughal Emperor went to Pir Naqshbandi Sahib for a solution. The Pir went into a trance and received the recipe of Petha from the Almighty.
    Petha Source - Cloud Front
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