You May Now Kiss The Bride! 7 Weirdest Themed Weddings

Wedding! Every girl’s dream. It is a big step and walking the aisle is no easy task. The wedding season is always on and the perfect wedding planner is all what it takes! But, have you heard of a wedding that is weird? Not a weird wedding destination, but a wedding that has a weird theme to it? Have you? Well, this list of weird weddings are so weird that they will definitely give you a good laugh! Weird or unusual, we don’t know what to call these weddings, but we can surely call it funny. So wedding planners, throw out those flowers and gowns, because these weird wedding themes will surely send all of it for toss! You may now kiss the bride. Oh! Sorry, you may now read the list!

  1. Naked Wedding Ha! Now we have your attention. A naked wedding, in front of 250 wedding guests. The bride and groom wore nothing more than their wedding rings. The bride wore only a veil and a few things to cover her “lady parts,” while the groom simply wore a hat that he used to protect his “belonging.” We will let your imagination think of the rest!
    source-earthtripper.com source-earthtripper.com
  2. Dead Wedding We promised ourselves that we shall not make fun of this, but a dead wedding! A heartbroken lady decided to marry her murdered fiancé in a hospital morgue. The touching ceremony was witnessed by close family and friends and was conducted by the hospital's Catholic priest. In front of an open coffin, the priest blessed the wedding rings that the lady had bought specially for the service. Like they say, love has no ending!
    source-oddee.com source-oddee.com
  3. Bicycle Wedding Cycling is the best The essentials: a T-shirt, joggers and a cycle. But a wedding! Yes, a wedding. A Russian couple decided to tie the knot in a very unusual, but healthy way: by riding bicycles all over the city, accompanied of course by their cyclist guests. These couple sure know how to follow their heart, the healthy way. The wedding planner surely did have a difficult task cycling the whole way!
    source-blogspot.com source-blogspot.com
  4. Shrek Wedding The ultimate love story between a green beast and a beautiful princess: Shrek! So why not have a wedding theme based on it? A very simple process, paint yourself green and the beautiful hills of Scotland. A couple did the same, but only in their backyard. The theme did not matter here, because Shrek and Princess Fiona grabbed all the attention! Did they glow green in the night? Hey Shrek! Where’s your pal Donkey?
    source-birminghammail.co.uk source-birminghammail.co.uk
  5. Star Wars Wedding Now a Star Wars themed wedding has to be whacky and wonderful. Dressing up like the characters from this epic sci-fi saga has to be an unforgettable experience! Yoda, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and Stormtroopers all invited to a wedding! No war, but a wedding here. A Stormtrooper in a Scottish Highland dress? What could you want more from a wedding! May the force be with the couple!
    source-dailyrecord.co.uk source-dailyrecord.co.uk
  6. Clown-themed Wedding They say weddings are a joke, but this couple took it way too seriously! Was the wedding planner a circus master?
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  7. The Predator themed Wedding  This couple opted to plan their wedding around one of the most terrifying sci-fi movies of all time. Even the groomsmen joined in on the frightening fun. The bride does seem to smiling, however. After all, it is supposed to be the happiest day of her life. We're just wondering how the groom will kiss the bride after the vows...
    source-dailyrecord.co.uk source-dailyrecord.co.uk
Weird calls for more weird! If the wedding theme is weird then the wedding destination needs to be weird