You can’t UNSEE This! 5 Types of Soul Shaking Sex you can Ever Have

You’re going to read something for those thunderous orgasms!

Here are some of the sexiest types of sex you’ve ever got indulged in. If you think you have done it all, these will make your humping soooo much better.

Ready to get moist in an instant?

  1. The Make up Sex – From yelling at him during that heated argument to screaming his name when he fiddles your G-spot with his tip, this is something you absolutely have to try with your guy. Turn that argument into foreplay later. Erotic possibilities there!
    Make up sex - Sex | Utter Bewakoof Source - womenshealthsa.co.za
  2. Get angry, get Naked – When you’re angry, clean out the backlog by getting your animal instincts out with your bae in bedroom. Channel all your rage into a good arousal. A passionate romp in the middle of madness, panting and puffing, so darn good! Turn on your dirty imagines!
    Angry Sex - Sex | Utter Bewakoof Source - burlingtonvt.citymomsblog.com
  3. Morning sex that makes you late for work – Totally worth it! Because, people what better way to start the day? So, stop hitting snooze and spend those 20 extra minutes doing each other instead.
    Morning Sex - Sex | Utter Bewakoof Source - au.lifestyle.yahoo.com
  4. That mind-blowing quickie – Deep dive and cum quick! In the van, at the car backseat, in the closet or on the kitchen shelf, grind on each other and finish so good, so good, and so quick!
    Quickie - Sex | Utter Bewakoof Source - optimistcglitteralpaca.tumblr.com
  5. Foreigner sex – If you aren’t saving yourself for marriage, this is one experience you must have. Making love to a foreigner or having an inter racial sex could be so much awesome. Like a jack hammer? Big Time!
    Foreigner sex - Sex | Utter Bewakoof Source - miguellloyd.com

Feeling extra ballsy? Go graduate to these levels of love making!