YOU CAN’T IGNORE! 5 Genius Hacks for Packing Your Suitcase!

Credit - Zainab Haji

Packing everything you need into ONE bag? *hysterical laughing*

Packing is frustrating since you NEVER have enough space no matter what the size of your travel bag is! Also, packing your shoes and party gown together? Be prepared to get your dress ruined!

Fret no more! The Gods have heard you. So have we! And today we bring to you 5 hacks that will make packing less sweaty!

  1. Roll! Don’t fold Not a joint! Your clothes. Roll them instead of folding to save tons of space in your suitcase.
    Source - Jelly Share Source - Jelly Share
  2. Don’t ruin your clothes Cover the bottoms of your shoes with a shower cap to save your clothes from getting mud stains! Genius no?
    Source - The Krazy Coupon Lady Source - The Krazy Coupon Lady
  3. Stuff! Stuff your shoes with small items like jewelry or toiletries to save space! Voila!
    Source - Marie Claire Source - Marie Claire
  4. Make-up Instead of carrying bulky make-up bottles and containers, pour a little of the make-up product in an old (but clean) contact-lens case! WHAAAT?
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  5. Tangle free! We all know how the elves work on our earphones and entangle them when they’re out of our sight. Well, no more! Wrap your earphones, chargers or any other stray wire on pieces of old greeting cards and shove them in your bag!
    Source - Buzz Feed Source - Buzz Feed

Next time you’re packing, don’t be basic. Do it like a pro! Bon Voyage!