Yoga! A small little passion of mine

Hello I'm Srishti Patel and my yoga journey started 6 months ago. I came across a picture of a model doing a yoga pose, in that she mentioned how much yoga had helped in her healing. I was impressed by the pose as well as intrigued because I’ve heard a lot of people mention how yoga heals the mind and soul. And just like that I started with the basic exercises and tried attempting a few poses. A month into it and I started noticing how it was changing my body and my thinking process. This felt good and I kept going back to my mat every single day. For me yoga is all about connecting the mind with the body and watching it perform miracles. Another thing that I really like doing is going to random places and performing. Obviously, not any place but places that seem relevant to perform. My essentials: my yoga mat and myself. So yeah, yoga is my passion.