YES WE’RE CONFIDENT! 5 Ways to Make Foreplays Last SOOOOOO Much Longer

It takes two to tango, behind every great banging session, there’s a longer foreplay!

Get your erotica flowing…..people!

Here’s how you can have longer foreplays with your bae:

  1. Don’t rush into the climax yet, take your time to undress and caress each other. Do that striptease he had been craving for. Buckle up!
    1 Foreplay Source - The Pacifican Online
  2. Match your bae’s breath like matching steps in a perfect salsa. Dayum that’s deeper than any sex move! Build up that erotic tension before you hit the sheets!
    2 Foreplay Source - Marie Claire
  3. Give each other a sensuous massage; ladies give him long nail strokes, surprise pinches all over the body to pique his pleasure. Make him go crazy even before the real game has begun.
    3 Foreplay Source - Boundryless
  4. Take a shower together and touch each other at places or whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ears to make things steamy.
    4 Foreplay Source - Pinterest
  5. Talk dirty and tease each other (go wild with your thoughts). Rough up your kisses, go for deep kisses. Eat him up!
    5 Foreplay Source - Pinterest

Heightened arousal? Get a room guys!