Yawn! 9 Things That Morning People Will Never Understand

Ugghhh, time to wake up. What’s the worst part about another day? Another morning! People who can’t stand mornings know what we’re talking about. Some of us can’t just wake up and be happy little sunshine. Why do we wake up so early anyway? Just let us sleep dammit! People who think mornings suck will read this post and think, “Same”. Here are 9 things that morning people will never understand:

  1. You couldn’t care less during meetings When you’re in a meeting at work, you have to watch a presentation. Only, you’re not watching, you’re just staring so your eyes don’t shut. You try to look attentive, but who are we kidding? Wake up sleepy head. Go wash your face.
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  2. You don’t care about the customer The customer is always right.....after 11 am, because before that you couldn’t bother. We don’t care if you’re the customer, get your stuff and go! Who buys stuff this early? Don’t interrupt us while we’re being morning-moody (yes, that’s a thing).
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  3. You drag yourself to work Whether you go to school, college or even Disneyland, you hate Mondays. Trying to put one foot in front of the other and walk? Impossible! You wish somebody could pick you up and drop you there, because you’re a zombie right now.
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  4. Weekends don’t have mornings. There’s a reason we love weekends. Sunday mornings don’t exist in our world. No alarm, no schedule, no drama. You get out of your bed only when you feel like it. Hell, you don’t mind sleeping all day either!
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  5. Coffee is not the solution Most people advice you to start drinking coffee or tea. Been there, done that! Caffeine can’t fool you into liking sunrises. Nothing out there can change your mind. What happened to freedom of opinion? Let us morning haters be!
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  6. Alarms are your enemies Just thinking about them make your blood boil. When they begin to ring, you feel like throwing them out the window! Unfortunately, our alarms are in our phones now, and we wouldn’t dare throw our phones!
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  7. Everything pisses you off Caution: Bad day in progress, stand clear! You’d appreciate it if everybody would back off and leave you alone. You’re not a bad person , it’s the morning’s fault! People should realize that and stop calling you cranky. You’re perfectly nice when the sun goes down.
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  8. Mornings are boring A morning person asks you why you hate mornings and the answer is simple. They are so boring! Does anything fun ever happen at the start of the day? Do artists sing about how crazy their morning went? No! The night is when things start to get really exciting.
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  9. Allergic to sunshine When you’re all snuggled up in the dark, the sun is a buzzkill. All that light in your face being bright and happy, who wants that! You just want to embrace the dark side. Life would have been so much easier if you were a vampire. Then you’d only be awake at night.
    source - www.universityprimetime.com source - www.universityprimetime.com

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