Writer’s Retreat! 9 Places Perfect to Write Your Book

Is your chaotic everyday life disrupting your writing mojo? Are you running out of ideas? Are you so busy that you don’t have time to write?

Well, here’s a thought: why not make time for it by going away for a while. Yes, we know it sounds heavenly! Take a train to one of these destinations and complete your writing goals:

  1. Dehradun, Uttarakhand Ruskin Bond, one of our favourite authors, wrote some of his best works here. We think it’s the perfect place to write your possible bestseller!
    Dehradun, Uttarakhand Source - pathikworld
  2. Kolkata, West Bengal Yellow cabs, colonial buildings, trams, and the Hooghly River. Did someone say crime fiction?!
    Kolkata, West Bengal Source - proptiger.com
  3. Udaipur, Rajasthan If you are in Udaipur, you will never run out of ideas and inspirations for your book!
    Udaipur, Rajasthan Source - rajasthanvisit.com
  4. Mumbai, Maharashtra From chick lit to pulp fiction, Mumbai seems like the perfect city to pen down a novel. Just imagine sitting and writing in a seaside café: pure bliss!
    Mumbai, Maharashtra Source - bartleboglehegarty.com
  5. McLeod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh We think the perfect way to beat writer’s block is to head to the hills and write your masterpiece. Well, at least the first draft of it!
    McLeod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh Source - mouthshut.com
  6. Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh Be it a philosophy manual or a travelogue, Varanasi is a place you’d love stopping by on your writing journey.
    Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh Source - intoday.in
  7. Pondicherry Pondicherry’s the right place if you are a writer who wants peace and solitude. Your dream of writing on the beach will come true here.
    Pondicherry Source - spicecarrental.com
  8. Pelling, Sikkim Live in Pelling for a few weeks and soak in the beautiful serenity the place has to offer. Take more than a few notebooks so you can write while you are out exploring.
    Pelling, Sikkim Source - vikipandit.com
  9. Goa If you ask us, Goa’s the perfect setting for pretty much everything, and even more so for writing a book! What’s more? The friendly locals and tourists will be the perfect inspiration for your characters!
    Source - parrikar.com Source - parrikar.com
Pack your fancy stationery and set out!