#WorkoutWonders: Routines that will get you in shape in no time!

Even if you are a fitness freak, you have to admit that there are times when you lose touch on your body. You get caught up with things and end up missing your daily workout sessions. And the minute you realize this, you feel the need to get in shape immediately!

So what can you do? Well, here’s how you can start!

  1. Crunches, lunges, and push-ups Do these three routines like a prayer every day and you are guaranteed to see the results in your body in no time.
    Lunges - Workout Wonders| Utter Bewakoof Source - Fitness Magazine
  2. Romanian deadlifts Did you say perky butt? Well, these lifts are for you!
    Deadlifts - Workout Wonders| Utter Bewakoof Source - Coach
  3. Swimming Thirty minutes of swimming daily will build not just muscle mass, but also your stamina. This one’s the go-to choice if you want to stay healthy on the outside as well as the inside.
    Swimming - Workout Wonders| Utter Bewakoof Source - The New York Times
  4. Mountain climbers Not only will mountain climbers build your core strength, they’ll also improve your cardiovascular strength. So many benefits in such a short period. Woot!
    Mountain Climbers - Workout Wonders| Utter Bewakoof Source - Body Building
  5. Walking Start walking or jogging two weeks before a big event and witness your body getting back into the shape you so desire. Perfect during the wedding season!
    Walking - Workout Wonders| Utter Bewakoof Source - Philly

Do these and your body will be #goals for someone else in no time!