Workout? NO, Thank you! 8 Ways to Definitely End Your Workout Blues

Good workout routines can leave you feeling absolutely awesome – if you can actually get started. You wake up to a gloomy weather and all you want to do is laze around. You have been suffering from workout blues.

You haven’t been working out consequently and everything else in the world sounds much more appealing than working out. Every morning you promise yourself that you would start working out from the next one and then snuggle back for a little more sleep before you leave for work or college. These promises are hardly ever kept.  Story of your life?

We definitely feel you. But, the longer you avoid working out, the harder it will be for you to get back to your workout routines. Sometimes all you need to overcome the workout blues is a little switch-up in your routine. We have rounded up a few ways to get motivated, or at least move a little when you are just not feeling it.

Here are 8 simple and fun ways to cure your workout blues.

  1. Make a killer playlist:

Music makes you want to move. We have all found ourselves getting down on our favorite songs. Use your love of a good beat for a good workout. Round up all your favorite songs that would motivate you to get out of your bed.

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  1. Try something small:

Take baby steps! Modify your workout routines and start with small numbers.  If you were used to doing a certain number of pushups lower down the number. 60 seconds of jumping jacks can wake you up just enough but if you don’t feel like it, 50 should be fine!

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  1. Put your favorite gym clothes on:

You might have heard that a million times but it does help, believe us! You will end up feeling happy once you have put on your favorite tank top and an easy pair of joggers. 

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  1. Do Something New:

One of the many reasons behind you not feeling up for a workout could be the boring routine. Try new fitness exercises. Do a bit of your own research and pump up your routine in a way that you would look forward to it. There is no harm in doing something different.

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  1. Find a real inspiration:

It is no secret that seeing other people’s results after working out can make you feel motivated. Finding inspiration on instagram is totally doable but set your own goals and focus on what you want.

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  1. Workout with friends: Should be fun, right?

Certainly you would have friends suffering from workout blues. Motivate yourself enough and then talk them into working out together. All lazy heads together striving to achieve something!

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  1. Make it social!

You almost never keep the promises you make to yourself which is why tell some of your friends about it. You will feel ridiculous if you don’t stick to your plan and everybody knows about it!

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  1. Exercises in bed: Lazy bums, over here!

Look at videos that let you exercise in bed. Do like a 20 minutes routine.

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Always, always listen to your body. If a workout just isn’t in your stars that day, then lt it go. Do not hurt your body. Take the day off and try not to feel bad about it.

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