WINTER WONDER! 7 Most Mesmerizing Frozen Waterfalls To Visit Soon

Winter is an absolutely lovely season and so are winter holidays. So why not make the most of it and go to destinations where you will be mesmerized by the true beauty of winter, such as these frozen waterfalls around the world:

  1. Frozen waterfall at Zanskar River, Ladakh, India – You just can’t get over this waterfall’s beauty and the scenic silence that it brings to you.
    Zanskar River Source - asia-hikes.com
  2. Niagara falls, USA – Easily the world’s most famous waterfall. It’s massive and magnificent.
    Niagara falls Source - refresher.sk
  3. Helmcken Falls, Canada – Every ice climber’s dream, this waterfall s breathtakingly beautiful!
    Helmcken Falls Source - strangesounds.org
  4. Svalbard, Norway – This waterfall is famous for its glaciers. Also, it’s one of the places where the waterfall falls directly in the ocean.
    Svalbard Source - pinterest.com
  5. Rifle, Colorado – Rifle is known for both summer rock climbing and winter ice routes, but ice climbing is as risky as it looks. Would you dare to go?
    Rifle Source - telegraph.co.uk
  6. Aldeyjarfoss, Iceland – This iconic waterfall has a stunning and incredible natural scenery to it.
    Aldeyjarfoss Source - pinterest.com
  7. Lyngen, Norway – You’ll have a once-in-lifetime moment at this frozen waterfall while witnessing the epic image of the northern lights.
    Lyngen Source - redbull.com
So next time you want some winter destinations to visit, you know where to go. Rad more about travel here!