Why You Should Use These 7 Travel Tips Before Disaster Strikes

The vacations are coming!

You're tired of being a homebody and decide to travel to that place you've been thinking of for a while now. You’ve traveled before so you think you’ve got it all figured out. However, the pessimist in you believes that this trip may lead to a disaster. *cue ominous music* Everything can go wrong - you can get mugged, lose your luggage at the baggage claim, have inadequate cash, miss your flight - okay time to shut up now. C’mon, you don’t want to be in the clouds watching your flight simulator on your laptop do you?

Getting ready to unpack now? Don't be silly! We have the perfect hacks to ensure that your holidays are going to be nothing short of an adventure.

  1. Spill Proof Vacation You've reached your destination so you proceed to open your luggage and HOLY WATERS. Everything is wet - your shower gel spilled all over your items. Prevention? Cover all liquid container lids with masking tape tightly.
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  2. A Bag Without Identity Nothing ruins a flight experience more than an airport losing your luggage. Even in those dark times, a ray of light can shine - provided you add a tag with your name and address on it.
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  3. Sanitary Wallet This is definitely the most peculiar hack you'll hear, but if you're travelling to a place you're sure to get mugged at, this will keep your money safer than your wallet ever could. Ladies, take note.
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  4. Old-School GPS Back in the day, travelers used maps to direct themselves. Then Google Maps came around and bye-bye ginormous rolls of paper! But when mobile data isn't there to guide your footsteps, use Google Maps offline and try some throwback travel.
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  5. No Phone, No Chill Zone A dead mobile phone incites an anxiety we can't ever brush off. Ever. To avoid having a meltdown in a city you don't know, charge your mobile using the USB slot in the TV! ( Having a power bank and power strip help too) Besides, we watch tv online on our phones anyway.
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  6. Grocery Gangster Need a snack hack? Buy groceries and sneak into your hotel room. Snark bars are ridiculously expensive and you wouldn’t want to be broke on Kitkat and Lays, would you?
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  7. Flights and Flight Prices, Both Go Up! Airline sites have been watching you. They know where you’ve been on their site and where you’re going too. To avoid being entrapped with higher flight prices, clear your history, cookies and cache before using these sites. Being on incognito mode doesn’t help however, it is an online myth. Why waste money on a flight when you could spend it at your destination?
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Now that you’ve got these hacks done. Get your suitcase out, we’re going to teach you how to pack!