Why People With Eating Disorders May Be The Best People To Date

Blind dates, online dates, double dates, date after date. All these dates but not one potential true love. Where could you be going wrong? We’ll tell you. You have been searching for the wrong kind of person for too long. People with eating disorders are the diamonds among the charcoal. They are highly under-appreciated and are compatible in ways the rest of us could never beat. Don’t believe me? Here are some reasons that will blow your mind: 1.Salad is their savior Your anniversary is coming up and you’d love to take your significant other to a classy restaurant but you don’t think you can afford it. Well, in this case you can! She’s most likely to choose a dish with least calories – salad, for instance – which totally comes in your budget. Who doesn’t love a low maintenance lover?
source - www.fitterbodybootcamp.com source - www.fitterbodybootcamp.com
2. Distorted but pretty  People with eating disorders tend to have a distorted self-image. This makes them conscious of their looks and they are constantly calculating in order  to look their best. They will never be short of looking fabulous and fashionably fit. Spending time with them will make you self-conscious about your body too, so its a win-win situation.
source - www.healthyplace.com source - www.healthyplace.com
3. Secure with the insecure  Eating disorders arise from low self esteem. Although confidence is considered a winning trait, some like their dates to be insecure and vulnerable so that they can feel good about themselves. Nothing says ‘ I need you’ more than a struggling, vulnerable,  barely self-assured partner.  So if you need an ego boost, you know who to find!
source - opalswirls.blogspot.com source - opalswirls.blogspot.com
4. No drama llama  Binge eating or starving, both cover up the underlying issues that these people are going through. They internalize their emotions with the help of food, or lack thereof. This setting works out for you because, you won’t have to talk about feelings or encounter drama ever! Everything will be swept under the rug, or a plate in this case.
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5. Hashtag - Richgirlproblems Mainstream problems like eating disorders are assumed to be concentrated among the richer sections of society. If you prefer someone from the upper class, here you go. She’ll have class and eat organic grass (suchpoetmuchlove).  You can expect lavish gifts because she will thoroughly adore you. Can’t say no to gifts, can you?
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6. Bed and breakfast? They are so underrated when it comes to sex. Nothing short of flawless is expected because all that pent up insecurity and hate has to blow up somewhere right? So prepare yourself for an intense ride. Not to mention, this is one date you won’t have to cook breakfast for the next morning.
source - www.recipesforbusymums.com source - www.recipesforbusymums.com
7. Superpowers  Not all superheroes arise from Marvel and DC. In the real world, these people have the upper hand. They know what its like to be hurt and have had some awful experiences which make them great listeners. They will be nothing short of understanding, so however weird and messed up you are, they will surely accept you just the way you are!
source - www.memecenter.com source - www.memecenter.com
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