Why pastels are the underdogs of men's wardrobe

While the male population may have a fair share of metrosexuals who try to do their best to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest fashion trends, men the world over seem to have maintained a very caveman like approach to their wardrobes. Their cupboards generally consist solely of what they need to wear in order to live a socially acceptable life across various daily scenarios. Suits for office, jogger pants for evening cardio sessions, a few t shirts and jeans for when they want to step out of their man cave and take part in a social gathering, an event or two.

Most of them cannot be arsed with worrying about what’s in vogue and what’s not. They don’t overly bother about how in sync their wardrobe is with the Day’s fashion police nor do they even care to.

The colour in their wardrobe is arbitrarily defined, with whatever whims and fancies deciding the overall aesthetic. Printed T shirts, Jeans, Cargoes, Chinos, and shirts for men are well and good by themselves, but every now and then a more curated and cultured look may be expected. A simpler overall tone that is easier on the eye and in touch with the upcoming summer season. A more vibrant yet subdued hue that is ultimately more fetching than all those loud and frankly ghastly prints.

Pastel colours are often overlooked when it comes to choosing a suitable outfit. Why though? Pastels are simple, no nonsense, and quite minimalist in their appearance. A subdued and more pleasing hue is a welcome sight for sore eyes in a frankly garish and obscene visual culture that we all dwell in.

Pastel colours are the catalysts when it comes to breaking the monotony of checks, greys, and browns. They add variety and flavour, and are right at home when worn in a formal, semi-formal, social occasion with a casual vibe to it. They especially look amazing when paired with the right pair of chinos or shorts. Saturated colours can make pastel hues pop especially and it really does look fantastic when paired with a metallic accessory or two. You can either create a colour scheme of different colours; for example you can wear a chalky pink with a highly saturated blue; or you can create a monochrome scheme and wear the same colour, only that one piece will be a pastel, and the other a highly saturated colour; for example a chalky blue can work well with a navy blue.

Soft maroons, sorbet pink, off whites… may just seem a little to feminine for some men, but the case is hardly so.

The truth is that pastel colours were and always will be a classy outlet to be comfortable and casual, projecting a certain lightness and warmth that is of a trademark nature. Haveli T shirt design also looks good. Pastel colours are also great for mobile covers such as the Redmi 4A Mobile Cover.