Why growing out of vests may not be a good thing

People outgrow things. It is a process that is both inevitable and irreversible. A sad day it must be indeed, for, any brand; when it sees its loyal customers move on to another product or brand. This process can be slowed down using shrewd brand extensions but it is something that in the long run is always just outside the control of producers and brands.

In the world of fashion; vests were always something that you never wore beyond your twenties.

I remember my own journey quite profoundly and vividly, as it is now a part of me that I never think I’ll quite forget or indeed outgrow. Being pretty fat all the time that I was growing up; I used vests extensively to actually push myself to work out harder in order to burn all that excess lard I’d built up eating fried and sugared trash that society deems acceptable food for a state of the art ‘lifestyle’. It helped me feel like the fat piece of shit that I was at the time and watching my progress as I slimmed down and toned up was remarkable and an immense means of motivation to push myself harder to achieve a greater and more sweeping degree of physical perfection. Seize all means of production, that’s probably why and what the communists said and preached what they did say and preach. It indeed is possible for a formerly fat kid to blame communism, the Soviets, and all the other Jolly Reds for his ex-plight, but that’s just him being lazy.

Coming back to vests. They did indeed help me immensely. I was fat. Vests showed my fat to the world. This pushed me to work out… and I did work out a lot. Three hours of gym a day every day for over six months. That’s roughly five hundred and four hours of building steel and cables. A simple vest for men the world over can be a tool for motivation that can drive them to achieve the best possible versions of themselves that they can ever possibly be.

Then one fine day, when I’d finally reached my pinnacle, my aim, my objective, my zenith, my own personal version of sculpted perfection; I left the vest. Like one discards an ex that goes stagnant and stale in a relationship; I removed vests from my wardrobe entirely. Forgetting all that comfort and motivation that this single piece/article of clothing had provided me came in a very disgusting and natural manner.

I had ceased to notice the fine utility a simple vest could give me and it thereon seemed natural to wear it for general purposes in and around the house.

As such, it was perfect for gymming. It’s also a great and comfortable option in case you want to simply look and feel casual and unconstrained while hanging out with your friends in various social settings. The aao kabhi haveli pe meme has also become a trend on vests.

Like a mobile case such as the Redmi 4A Back Cover, keep your vests on.