Why Boys Are So Passionate About Car Games

Throwback to your childhood when everyone decided to meet up at your house for an evening full of video games and fun. There was something about those gaming sessions that you know brought all of you together, wasn’t there? Maybe it was the snacks your mother got for you. Or that one console all of you shared and swore never to play the games without each other.

Now we’re older and our games have changed. But boys will remain boys, and their undying love for car games could be explained:

  1. Entertainment
    This one’s a no-brainer. Playing car games for endless hours, competing with friends, having a laugh at the ones who lost: it sort of bonds you together in ways that no other activity can.
    source - en.wikipedia.org

  2. Team spirit
    We remember ganging up on one friend every time we competed so we could win. Those were some great memories, and greater friendships.
    source - techaddiction.ca

  3. Social activity
    Contrary to what our mothers told us, playing video games did not push us to social isolation. We liked the feeling of making plans to get together and choosing what to play for the rest of our free time. It gave us so much more to talk about when we were caught up at school and needed that sense of solidarity.
    source - gametruckparty.com

  4. Stress buster
    After a hard, stressful day at work, nothing beats the tension like a solid hour of gaming. It works as a perfect distraction and helps us cope with the pressure.
    source - theartcareerproject.com

  5. Venting aggressive emotions
    On a general basis, boys are a lot more aggressive than girls. While releasing that emotion in actually hurting someone would be irrational, playing car games is a lesser destructive way of calming down.
    source - huffingtonpost.com

  6. Violence in a safe environment
    We’ve heard our mothers worrying about how these games run the risk of making us violent. But it’s alright. We can orchestrate any number of car crashes virtually without ever doing it IRL, you know? It’s a lot of fun, too!
    source - tvtropes.org


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