Which Pokémon Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Here’s the thing: we just cannot get enough of Pokémon Go! It’s not one of those games you play every day and eventually get tired of! No, this one’s here to stay!

If you thought our obsession with Pokemons was restricted only to the game, you are so wrong! We have been associating Pokemons with every aspect of our life and we cannot stop! And we are back to thinking a question we all thought of as kids: “What Pokemon would I be?”

Well, we are here to answer this very important question! Find out what Pokemon you are based on your zodiac sign:

  1. Aries – Salamence

You know what? Only a dragon can do justice to the bold Aries personality! Adventurous, brave, and confident, Salamence is your right Pokemon match! Talk about awesome, right? We envy you so much right now!

Source - deviantart.com Source - deviantart.com
  1. Taurus – Tauros

Well, duh! Looks like there’s a pocket monster that’s a perfect match for a Taurean! Since people born under this sun sign are stubborn, it’s no surprise that Tauros is their spirit Pokemon!

Source - pokemon.wikia.com Source - pokemon.wikia.com
  1. Gemini – Weezing

Clever, sometimes confused, and curious? You are none other than Weezing! Notice the two heads of this Pokemon? Definitely a representation of your dual personality!

Source - deviantart.com Source - deviantart.com
  1. Cancer – Kingler

A crab for Cancerians seems apt, right? Those born under the Cancer zodiac sign are one of the most loyal people out there, and so is Kingler! They can be a bit negative at times, but so can this pincer Pokemon!

Source - deviantart.com Source - deviantart.com
  1. Leo – Pyroar

Arrogant and noble? Hello, Pyroar! Leos are like royalty: they know they are all that! We don’t think any Pokemon suits them better than the fire Pokemon Pyroar! Proud to have it as your spirit Pokemon?!

Source - deathbattlefanon.wikia.com Source - deathbattlefanon.wikia.com
  1. Virgo – Jynx

Think too much about everything? You are none other than Jynx! We don’t know about you, but we’d be thrilled to be this Pokemon! It would be super epic, don’t you think?

Source - pokemon.wikia.com Source - pokemon.wikia.com
  1. Libra – Venomoth

Which Pokemon do you think of when we say ‘go with the flow’? Venemoth, right? It’s creepy how well this pocket monster suits your hesitant personality!

Source - deviantart.com Source - deviantart.com
  1. Scorpio – Drapion

We all know that Scorpios are mysterious, right? What better than a dark Pokemon for them?! Your spirit pocket monster: Drapion! Yes, you brave person, of course everyone admires you!

Source - pokemon.wikia.com Source - pokemon.wikia.com
  1. Sagittarius – Magmar

People don’t like when you are too straightforward? Wow, you sound exactly like Magmar! Your enthusiasm levels are loved by everyone and you are kind of the star of the group! In short, you are brilliant!

Source - youtube.com Source - youtube.com
  1. Capricorn – Gogoat

We mean, isn’t it obvious? Since the Capricorn animal symbol is a goat, we thought no Pokemon can be better than the Gogoat!

Source - deviantart.com Source - deviantart.com
  1. Aquarius – Pikachu

Possibly a Pokemon everyone wants to be, right? Independent, shy, but pretty enthusiastic, this cute electric Pokemon is your spirit pocket monster! We bet you must be super happy to know this!

Source - zam.com Source - zam.com
  1. Pisces – Blastoise

Someone who’s wise and a great team-player? Hmm, what Pokemon can we think of the most? Of course Blastoise!

Source - pokemon.wikia.com Source - pokemon.wikia.com

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