Which OCD Are You Most Likely to Have, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Thinking about the dirty stain on the car window? Did you leave the gas on? Does traveling include using public toilets? Feeling anxious? No? Not yet?

Well, here’s something that will! Believe it or not, all of us are likely to suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. Don’t believe us? Do you believe the stars then? Yes, your sun sign can predict the type of OCD you are most likely to suffer from! Freaky, right? Read on what kind of OCD disorder you might have:

  1. Aries – Violent Intrusive Thinking

What it is: Fear of violently harming loved ones or even strangers.

Why would they have it? Since Aries are wild people, they are more likely to think that their actions can harm the people around them. Thinking violent thoughts because of your disorder? Scary, right?!

source - holisticelephants.wordpress.com


  1. Taurus – Mental Contamination  

What it is: Fear that someone’s words or treatment towards them is going to contaminate them internally.

Why would they have it? Taureans don’t like complicated remarks, so it’s obvious that something someone says will not be received well by those born under this sun sign. And their stubborn minds don’t allow them to get rid of these thoughts very easily!

source - ocdclinicbrisbane.com.au


  1. Gemini – Checking

What it is: Obsessive need to check everything and fear is to prevent damage.

Why would they have it? Since they are dual-minded, Geminis will always, always recheck things. And not just once, multiple times!

source - groundworkcounseling.com


  1. Cancer – Religious Intrusive Thinking

What it is: Obsessively thoughts about religion and religious practices.

Why would they have it? Cancerians are homely people so they tend to be religious and sometimes even too religious. The result? Thinking about it constantly, right from sinning to fearing sexual thoughts about gods, saints, etc. Creepy? Of course!

source - ocdla.com


  1. Leo – Hoarding

What it is: Not being able to get rid of useless or old possesions.

Why would they have it? Leos love the big life and are addicted to shopping! What does that lead to? Yes, you guessed it right! Collecting too many things and never getting rid of them!

source - cloudsend.org.uk


  1. Virgo – Relationship Intrusive Thinking 

What it is: Obsessive thinking about one’s relationships, seeking approval, and doubts about your partner or oneself.

Why would they have it? Virgos think too much about what everyone thinks of them, so their thoughts lead them to thinking about the relationships they share with others. You can bet they have a lot of suspicions in their heads!

source - retroactivejealousy.com


  1. Libra – Avoidance

What it is: Will go through anything that they think triggers their obsession.

Why would they have it? Oh, yes, this one suits them the best! Since people born under this zodiac sign usually avoid confrontations, it seems possible that they might have this type of OCD!

source - squirrelosophy.com


  1. Scorpio – Sexual Intrusive Thinking

What it is: Thoughts of causing sexual harm to someone or obsessively thinking about one’s sexuality.

Why would they have it? Scorpios love sex, but it also means that it will get to them eventually. From fearing that they might be homosexual (or straight if they are gay) to fearing being attracted to children and family members, this might just be the most terrible compulsive disorder type.

source - foxnews.com


  1. Sagittarius – Magical Intrusive Thinking

What it is: The fear that even thinking about something bad will make it more likely to happen.

Why would they have it? They hate being constrained (body or mind) which makes them more prone to a type of OCD which makes them think bizarre thoughts, like deaths can be predicted or certain days are always unlucky!

source - stressesanddresses.com


  1. Capricorn – Orderliness

What it is: The feeling of having everything ‘just right’.

Why would they have it? This group of disciplined people is bound to be obsessed with keeping everything in order, from the pens on their desk to spotless surroundings! Notice someone fidgeting with their papers at work? That’s a Capricorn!

source - elizabethbunsen.typepad.com


  1. Aquarius – Rumination

What it is: Persistent thinking about a particular topic which is unproductive.

Why would they have it? Being imaginative is a good thing, but not when it comes to thinking thoughts that aren’t doing you any good! Aquarians will know what we are talking about!

source - sites.tufts.edu


  1. Pisces – Contamination

What it is: Compulsive need to wash and clean things and fear that something contaminated will cause harm.

Why would they have it? People belonging to this zodiac sign are gentle so they tend to overthink about dirty things around them. They are the ones who will hesitate before shaking hands or carry bottles of hand sanitizer with them.

source - bustle.com

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