Which Decade Are You Actually From, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Just this morning we overheard someone saying, “Oh man, I am definitely born in the wrong time period.” We hear you, buddy!

There are times when we think this decade isn’t perfect for us or some other time period is more appealing. Also the fact that our personality would totally belong to an era unlike this one! And when we were figuring out how to find the perfect decade for us, we found the answer’s written in the stars! Curious which decade you belong in? Let the stars do the talking:

  1. Aries – 1970s

Not only are Arians passionate, they also have an endless supply of courage! And since the 70s brought about radical changes, people born under this zodiac sign definitely belong to this period! Apt, don’t you think?

source - issuu.com


  1. Taurus – 1930s

Definitely not one of the easiest time periods in history, but your reliable, devoted, and stubborn personality is surely suited for such a life! Move on current decade, every Taurean secretly wished the 30s never got over!

source - cnn.com


  1. Gemini – 1950s

Cultured, open-minded, and curious? Gemini, what are you even doing in this millennium?! You are the kinda person who would make a difference in an important decade like the 50s? We are sure your inquisitive nature would have a great time back then!

source - hemmings.com


  1. Cancer – 2050s

An imagination that runs like crazy? Dear Cancerian, you totally belong to the yet distant future! Which means you won’t only make the future, but also be the future! Wish you could time travel and forward to 2050 ASAP, don’t you?

source - openbooksociety.com


  1. Leo – 1920s

We know your love for a glamorous lifestyle, so we don’t even need to think twice before saying that you belong to the 1920s! Larger than life parties, splurging on expensive things and pretty much everything you enjoy the most happened in this decade!

source - quotesgram.com


  1. Virgo – 1910s

Virgos are those people who don’t like to enjoy things unless they have worked for it. The combination of driven and kind, those born under this sun sign would love to be in the 1910s! They love to chill, but only after workin’ for it!

source - ndsu.edu


  1. Libra – 1980s

These social butterflies are meant for the parties that the 80s are famous for! They would love nothing more than spending a few hours conversing with strangers and show off their graceful side! Take us back, please!

source - reference.com


  1. Scorpio – 2010s

You are perfect in the current decade! As resourceful and passionate you are, this decade needs you and vice versa! Don’t worry, there’s still a few years for you to enjoy them as much as you want!

source - eandt.theiet.org


  1. Sagittarius – 1960s

Love ‘nature’ and being outdoors? Is your life limitless? The right decade for you? The 1960s! And the best part? You have everything what it takes for being a hippie! Sounds like the perfect decade in our opinion!

source - spectator.co.uk


  1. Capricorn – 1940s

Someone who is disciplined? Hmmm, we think we’d pick the 40s, since it’s a decade that witnessed a World War and freedom struggles all over the world. The fact that they have great self-control would also have been a bonus point in this period!

source - culturewhisper.com


  1. Aquarius – 2020s

Aquarian, the future is yours! Your independent nature and progressive thoughts will definitely help the world in a state of crisis! If you have been doing great until now, the next decade is going to be simply magical!

source - youtube.com


  1. Pisces – 2000s

Yes, millennial, don’t you agree with us on this one? Generous and artistic, your personality screams 2000s! And the fact that you LOVE anything visual is proof that this was your decade!

source - hellogiggles.com

Know what time period you belong to? Time to choose your career!