Which Bollywood Item Song Should You Dance to, Based on Your Sun Sign

Ever looked at a Bollywood hottie dancing to an item song and thinking, ‘I wonder what item song would I dance to?’ If you are a Bollywood fan like us, you probably have! No point in denying it, because we know how crazy movie buffs can get!

Recently we went on an item song listening spree at work and thought of something along the same lines. Only ours included zodiac signs! Yes, a perfect Bollywood item song to dance to based on your sun sign! Here’s your match:

  1. Aries – Chaiyya Chaiyya 

Only an Arian would be brave enough to dance to an item number shot on a train! And we bet you would look as sexy as Malaika Arora Khan did in this song! Reason to dance on it? Since it’s bold AF, it matches your spirit perfectly!


  1. Taurus – Sheila Ki Jawani

“I know you want it, but you never gonna get it!” Sounds like something only a stubborn person would say, doesn’t it? Taureans, it’s time to bring your sexiest moves and dance to one of the hottest Hindi item songs – Sheila Ki Jawani! 


  1. Gemini – Beedi

Ooooh, do you remember Bipasha swaying to this Omkara song? All the Geminis, yes, you free spirit, the Beedi song is the perfect match for you to dance to! Hmmm, interesting! Time to learn the dance moves ASAP! 


  1. Cancer – Fevicol Se

Cancerians are so persuasive that you’ll have the feeling that they are glued to you? Needless to say, ‘Fevicol Se’ from Dabangg is THE Bollywood item song for them to groove to! Oh, they will obviously want to get clingy while dancing! 


  1. Leo – Baby Doll

Leos LOVE everything luxurious and glamorous, so they will obviously want to pick an Indian item song like Baby Doll! Why? Because ‘Baby doll mein sone di’! Which Leo wouldn’t love being compared to gold?! 


  1. Virgo – Chikni Chameli

Virgos are perfectionists at heart! So what would be a better Indian item song for them than ‘Chikni Chameli’? And we bet they will manage to conquer everyone’s hearts while dancing to this one! 


  1. Libra – Kajra Re

Who’s the master of seduction? Just about every Libran we know! ‘Kajra Re’ suits them best, right? Aishwarya Rai managed to seduce everyone with her moves on screen and we bet they will have the same desired effect! 


  1. Scorpio – Character Dheela

Ask everyone you know, they’ll always have something colourful to say about Scorpios! Well, what can you say for these intense and sex-loving peeps? Our pick for them? The song ‘Character Dheela’ from Salman Khan’s movie ‘Ready’! Sounds about perfect, right?! 


  1. Sagittarius – Oh La La

A person born under this sun sign knows how to please everyone around them and they also know that they are everyone’s fantasy! So the item song they should dance to is pretty obvious: ‘Oh La La’ from ‘The Dirty Picture’! Plus points to you if you manage to woo everyone like Vidya Balan! 


  1. Capricorn – Mit Jaaye Gham

Too responsible and too perfect, Capricorns really need to take a chill pill! And the best way to do so? Dance away to ‘MitJaaye Gham’ the way Deepika Padukone does in this item song! Only after a little ‘dum maaro dum’ of course! 


  1. Aquarius – Jalebi Bai

The kind of person that’s admired by almost everyone around him/her, so much so that people even worship the ground they walk on! We know you are thinking the same song as us: Jalebi bai! C’mon Aquarians, time to shake that booty! 


  1. Pisces – Munni Badnaam Hui

We thought that one of the best Bollywood item songs needs to be reserved for people like the Pisceans! Plus, a person born under this sun sign is a tease when it comes to most things, so ‘Munni Badnaam Hui’ is definitely the right Indian item song for them! 

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