What’s That Name Again? 11 Times Parents Picked ridiculous Names For Their Kids

It’s one thing when you want to creatively pick up a name for your kid. But it’s just cruel if you want the wildest and most wacky names for your children.

Here are 11 times when parents picked up ridiculous names for their kids:
  1. Lakynn – How do you even pronounce that name now?
    Source - mommys little sunshine Source - mommys little sunshine
  2. Legend – Ya because it’s so dead original. Seriously?
    Source - buzzfeed.com Source - buzzfeed.com
  3. Chairish – What do you mean by that? Something like, chair? A chair-ish feel? WHAT!
    Source - moreclaremore.com Source - moreclaremore.com
  4. Am’az’in Blackman – Amazing? NO! Ridiculous only!
    Source - pinterest.com Source - pinterest.com
  5. Adorabella – We get the point that she must be adorable. But a name like this? Not working!
    Source - trc6.com Source - trc6.com
  6. Hailey Haylee Haley – Wow! Nobody’s got the time to even call out that name. Just saying!
    Source - nancy.cc Source - nancy.cc
  7. La-a (Pronounced as La-dash-a) – This baby is going to need therapy for real.
    Source - whattoexpect.com Source - whattoexpect.com
  8. Shay’Lenn heaven Nevaeh Hope – First of all, five words for a name? Not cool! Second of all, why do you need heaven forwards and backwards?
    Source - whattoexpect.com Source - whattoexpect.com
  9. Charley Willard Horse Dick – Listen…..Never mind!
    Source - thedailyfix.com Source - thedailyfix.com
  10. Uteraz – What, like Uterus? Well! Best of luck to the baby!
    Source - 1stslice.com Source - 1stslice.com
  11. Ya’Hyness – Clearly, she’s going to rule your life. Good luck with that!
    Source - guff.com Source - guff.com
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