What’s in Your Sandwich? 7 Things You Could Try Putting in Your Sandwich

Got the munchies? You don’t want to eat something plain like a grilled cheese sandwich. You want to have something that will excite you, renew your taste buds, and satisfy your cravings! And you know what’s the perfect way to do that? Get creative!

Trying weird combinations always works and these sandwiches are proof that they do:

  1. Elvis Sandwich

The one that Elvis loved SO much! Peanut butter, banana, and bacon between slices of toasted bread. Sounds so yummy!

Source - dansgoodside.com Source - dansgoodside.com

  1. Peanut Butter and Tomato Sandwich

Okay, we understand, it is a very unusual combination, but definitely worth a try! This combo is proof that peanut butter will taste good with just about anything!

Source - food.com Source - food.com

  1. Strawberry and Cream Sandwich

Love strawberry and cream? How about a strawberry cream sandwich? Don’t hesitate to make this sandwich, you’d definitely like it!

Source - foodie-isms.com Source - foodie-isms.com

  1. Peanut butter, Mayo, Lettuce Sandwich

So many textures, it’s like magic in your mouth! When in a hurry, put these three food items together and voila, your midday snack’s ready!

Source - ilovepeanutbutter.com Source - ilovepeanutbutter.com

  1. Potato chip sandwiches

Since when did sandwiches make a crunching noise? Ever since we started putting potato chips in them! Perfect midnight snack, dude!

Source - mashable.com Source - mashable.com

  1. Kit Kat Sandwich

Need a break from veggie sandwiches? How about a Kit Kat bar between your sandwich? We don’t see why not!

Source - kotaku.com Source - kotaku.com

  1. Bacon and Jelly Sandwich

WOAH. What. Is. This. Combination? Someone at work recommended this sandwich at lunch today and we’ve been trying to have a bite of it ever since then!

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How many of these would you try?