What Pizza Topping Should You Order According To Your Zodiac?

Don’t we all just love pizza? And what about the same when it comes to ordering the perfect pizza? Toppings matter, right? One of us hates veggies, the others love meat and most of them are just waiting to get their hands on that double cheese pizza, correct?

But guys, did you ever think of this? There is actually a pizza topping each zodiac especially likes and we are absolutely serious about this! Don’t believe us? Here, have a look!



Enthusiastic and short-tempered, you guys love spice! Go for hot chillis and spice kicks!

What topping should you order: Peppers are your thing!




You guys are practical and uncompromising individuals! You guys are meaty and love everything that is flesh! Especially beef and pork!

What topping should you order: Pepperoni, please!




Damn you geminis, so adaptive and inconsistent! Your twin self follows you in the pizza zone as well. Never decided!

What topping should you order: Today you might like veggies, tomorrow meat! Who knows?




Cancerians are loyal and insecure and hence prefer sticking to their pizza staples!

What topping should you order: Veggies are your favourite! Right?




The Leo lion is creative hence they like to try out new things with different tastes. But they still have favourites!

What topping should you order: You guys love meat, correct?




They are extremely picky people with their pizza toppings! They are also health conscious, but the things they like, they do not mind! They may or may not like exotic stuff depending on their analytical or worrying behavior!

What topping should you order: Each one’s got their own favourite unique topping!




Fair-minded and indecisive, the people here are huge fans of beauty but with balance! Sophistication is the key.

What topping should you order: Give them gourmet pizzas or classic cheese pizzas and they are going to be happy!




Sicilian Pizza with hidden stuffing and thick crust or even pocketed pizzas work best for the brave is secretive Scorpion!

What topping should you order: All hail pepperoni!




Generous and very impatient, they love everything that makes them full. Stuffy pizzas with loads of toppings, and they are happy!

What topping should you order: Any kind of meat will do!




Responsible but unforgiving, they like to try out new but sensible combinations in terms of pizza toppings. They are a blend of all, veg or non veg or even vegan!

What topping should you order: Give them cheese, or veggies or meat! *yay*




Aquarians are progressive and aloof kind of people! Hence they love quirky but simple things in life!

What topping should you order: As long as it’s a pizza, even if you serve crickets as toppings, they’ll still relish it!




They are very artistic but also sad, hence they like exotica but in accordance to sticking to simplicity.

What topping should you order:  Give them the ideal BBQ sauce, or cheesy mozzarella, classic marinara or anything exotic in a pizza!


So now you know what to order on your pizza the next time to put yourself in a good mood, right?