What Kind of Party Animal Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

What happens when you are invited to a party with your friends and some strangers? You are worried whether you’ll have fun or not, right? And how much you will like getting drunk with them?

Well, we all have such thoughts, but turns out we don’t need to worry! Why? Because if you know the birthdays of the people you’re partying with, you’re all sorted! Turns out that your zodiac sign can predict what kind of party animal everyone is, making it a whole lot easier for us to have fun while partying! Want to know what the stars say about partying habits? Here’s all you need to know!

1. Aries

People born under this zodiac sign are up for anything, so you know they are definitely into wild parties! Shots or beer pong? Arians are the stars of every party!

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2. Taurus

Taureans are fun, well at least they try to have fun at parties. Since they are responsible people, they are always designated drivers for their friends and thus can’t have as much fun as an Arian or Sagittarian will have!

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3. Gemini

It’s not hard to spot a Gemini at a party. You know why? Because they are the ones dancing on tables wildly after too many rounds of tequila or Jello shots! You’d be lucky to have a Gemini at your party, but keep everything fragile away from them, okay?!

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4. Cancer

You know what’s common between a Cancerian and a party? Nothing! They are usually in bed by the time any party starts or if they do attend, they are the earliest to leave! What else would you expect from them after all?!

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5. Leo

Leos love big, fancy parties and for that they will head to the posh-est clubs your city has to offer! They are also not the kind of people who will say no to shelling out money for parties they know are going to be awesome, unlike most of us!

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6. Virgo

They are kind of people who are usually in groups, giggling and talking too loudly at a party! Oh, definitely the kind of people who can get a fight started at a party with their expert bitching skills!

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7. Libra

People born under this sun sign are reserved and don’t like to mingle a lot at parties. They will stand in corners making occasional small talk and leave quietly when it’s time for them to make an exit. Oh, every party will have one Libran!

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8. Scorpio

A Scorpio is the kind of party person who will have fun but will also judge others for doing stupid shit under the influence of alcohol. Though they might be nice to you, beware of how you act around them!

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9. Sagittarius

Everyone loves a Sagittarian at a party. Why? They are the kind of people who will never get tired and keep rocking the dance floor until it’s time to head home! And also because they will always have the most innovate drinking games in mind!

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10. Capricorn

Capricorns are understanding people, so they are obviously the kind of people who will listen to drunk people complaining about their lives. If you don’t want to drunk call your ex, they are definitely the people to keep around you!

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11. Aquarius

Always glued to the bar, these lovable people are fun people to chug beer with. Although they won’t get up from their seats for most of the night, they are still pretty nice to chill with at parties. Look out for their goofy humor!

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12. Pisces

See that guy going up to everybody at the party and having a good time with all of them? Yup, that’s a Piscean! They love socializing and are great fun at parties! Definitely the true life of the party!

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