What I like most about being in the wild is that it gives you a chance to get in touch with yourself.

Being a green lover since as long as I can remember, a family trip to Palasdari near Karjat left me completely mesmerized with its natural beauty. The waterfall, mountains, and the great expanse of greenery left a magical spell on me. This inspired me to go on my first trek ever to Mahuli fort in Thane district. And it was as beautiful as I thought it would be!

Since then I have completed the Lohagad trek, Bhimashankar, along with longer treks across the country with Youth Hostel Association of India. This includes a ten-day trek from Kodaikanal (Tamil Nadu) to Munnar (Kerala) and a 13 day Hampta Pass trek in Himachal Pradesh.

Every trek I have undertaken has been memorable in its own special way, but the one I can never forget is the Bhimashankar trek. It took 4 hours to ascend and almost 6 hours to climb down, not a very task to do during the monsoons. During the descent, my shoes gave up on me, so I had to walk barefoot through slush and mud. It was difficult, obviously, but it was an amazing experience. Hands down the most exhilarating experience I’ve ever had!

The feeling of being one with nature is a feeling like none other! For me, nothing can equal a walk in the mountains or witness green grasslands, which is what trekking blesses me with. I read somewhere that it is impossible to walk in the woods and be in a bad mood at the same time. I think this quote sums my love for nature and trekking perfectly.

And trekking does not only allow me to enjoy nature in its full glory, but also introduces me to new people from every corner of the country. Out in the wild amongst newly made friends while being disconnected with the hectic world is truly the most wonderful feeling!”