What Follows NEXT! 13 Things that Happen After a One Night Stand

One night stands are thrilling, funny, weird, and hot, so so hot if you’re lucky! But, in between those nays and nasties, there are some things that happen the morning after. Find out our hilarious compilation. Here’s what you feel when you have to navigate an awkward morning after an NSA sex:
  1. You might wake up feeling you are in your own room, until you see someone else lying next to you sleeping like an octopus taking up your entire bed. This struggle is real!
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  2. You’ll wake up in the middle of the night to pee and suddenly realize your phone battery is disastrously 2%. (Wait, why am I even here?)
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  3. Then you would wish so hard this random person you just had sex with would have an I Phone charger but they own an Android. (chuckles with extra spice)
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  4. Where are my pants? Tripping over all the random shit and looking for your clothes. HELL NO!
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  5. Who else is there in this room? Am I supposed to talk to everyone? Wait, did I sleep with them as well? (Awkward is an understatement)
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  6. Should I wake this person up? Or just wait until they wake up as scared as I am? (Challenge accepted!)
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  7. Yeah, this stranger is quite hot, why on Earth didn’t I notice enough? I can totally fall in love, like for few seconds, oh yeah, it’s a one night stand and we will never meet. But, oh, what a sex! (Good grief!)
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  8. You will fake that smile to pretend it’s totally cool with you and you are a normal person. (Get your life in line, fast!)
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  9. Did we use condoms? Blood pressure; 99.9% high
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  10. Is there something in the fridge? I am super hungry! Somebody feed me an entire cow!
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  11. This person is snoring like a wild boar. (Revenge is sweet!)
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  12. This just really happened? We just did how God pleased!
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  13. You’ll want to brush your teeth before the person sleeping next to you gets to know your morning breath smells like poop. (Fresh flavours coming at you!)
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So, remember you got laid and the morning after is definitely going to be one of a kind. These pointers, you gotta bookmark!