WHAT? 5 Weed Gadgets That Are AWESOME!

Credit - Zainab Haji

The cannabis industry is not only bringing to us new strains of marijuana, edibles and concentration but also extremely tech-savvy gadgets. Here are a few gadgets that will make you hazy…both, literally and figuratively!

  1. Stealthy mouse A real optical mouse with a digital scale and a secret stash compartment. Weigh + Stash + Hide = Best smoking session EVER!
    Stealthy mouse Source - Weed Gadgets
  2. Silicone bong Ever had friends over only for them to break your bong? Worry no more! The weed gods have heard you. They have created a silicone bong that is IMPOSSIBLE to break. Also, it suctions to the surface under it making it fall resistant.
    Silicone bong Source - The Nug
  3. Vape Case We spend the entire day either with our phones or with our weed. So, why not combine the two? This case attaches to your phone and turns into a portable vaporizer. Talk, vape. Vape, text!
    Vape Case Source - Lotus Vaping
  4. Smokeless Ashtray Smoking at home and don’t want your parents to know? Girlfriend said no weed? Whatever the reason, the Smokeless Ashtray will save you. A gadget designed to suck up second-hand smoke and neutralize the odor.
    Smokeless Ashtray Source - High Times
  5. AC Greebs Smoking Steel The ultimate stoner gadget, this gadget turns any regular bottle into a gravity smoking device. Neat, huh?
    AC Greebs Smoking Steel Source - Tumblr
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