WEIGHT LOSS THERAPY! 7 Changes You Should Make In Your Routine To Reduce Weight

You’ve often tried to follow a strict diet but always failed. All your motivation and dedication lies in “tomorrow” when it comes to losing weight. So let’s give you 9 simple changes to apply in you routine which will trick your body for good:

  1. Early morning carbs – Add carbs to your breakfasts and it’ll help you stay fit for the longest.
    carbs Source - lowcarblab.com
  2. Craving alert – Learn what you are really craving for. At times, you think you’re craving for a chocolate, but you might be actually craving for only sugar. So have fruits instead.
    Craving alert Source - samadimd.com
  3. Ditch those easy ways – Say no to elevators and escalators, take stairs instead.
    stairs Source - independent.ie
  4. Drink more water – Make sure you remind yourself to drink water at regular intervals. Keep a bottle of water in front of you so that you don’t forget.
    Drink more water Source - wisegeek.com
  5. Healthy snacks – Avoid the vending machine. Keep some food options with you at all times.
    Healthy snacks Source - economic.bg
  6. Small plate tricks – Serve your food on smaller plates. You tend to eat more when you eat from regular sized plate. So trick yourself!
    Small plate Source - vogueinspire.com
  7. Skip that soda – Drinking green tea instead of soda is only going to help you get in shape.
    green tea Source - stayfitandfine.com
So now you know, it isn’t that difficult. Read more interesting articles on food here!