WE KNOW YOU’RE DESPERATE! 5 Cheapest Ways to Book Flights You Must Know

Heart wants to travel so much but pocket says NO! Fret No More!

Talk about living the dream, all you travel lovers and saving freaks, here are 5 ways you can get a flight really cheap!

Here you go, take notes:
  • FareCompare.com says travel on a Wednesday. That’s when tickets are the cheapest, specially domestic. Spoiler alert: Everyone wants this. Book now before you miss out on a great deal.
    Source - Cosmic Fitness Source - Cosmic Fitness
  • Set out a budget and chase the fare, not the destination. If you find a great deal for a destination you have not been to, instantly book it. Like Yasss!
    Source - Volunteering Solutions Source - Volunteering Solutions
  • Airlines blast fares on social media, more often than not, so stay glued. Turn the worst part of the day into your best. Make sure your boss isn’t looking at you looking greedily at the screen. Yay, you!
    Source - Jsums Source - Jsums
  • Don’t book a return airfare. Mix and match. Fly different airlines based on which airline has the best airfare for that time and destination. Gotcha?
    Source - Dollar Source - Dollar
  • Join the frequent flier club with your favorite airline. Look at your cheeks; we can see happiness in red on both the sides! Hop to it now!
    Source - island Air Source - Iceland Air
Bet, you’ve never had a buzz like this. Go, Become a Nomad now!