We Know How Your Partner Kisses, Based on Their Sun Signs!

You know what makes or breaks relationships? No, it isn’t secrets! It’s kissing! Whether you have just begun dating someone or have been in a long relationship, kissing is an integral part of it. And even more than that, your partner’s kissing style!

And since you can never compromise on kissing, it’s very important what they are going to be like, right? Well, this guide will surely help you! Here’s what your partner kisses like based on their zodiac sign:

  1. Aries

If you have seen movies, you would know when someone says ‘the most memorable kiss of my life’! That’s right, a kiss by an Arian would be nothing but amazing, not to forget extremely passionate! If you are with an Arian, they will often make you blush with their surprise kisses!

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  1. Taurus

First their arms will brush against yours, then they will play with your hair, and then, finally, they will go in for the kiss. And even then it will be slow and sensual! Never be kissed by a Taurean? You are missing something really good!

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  1. Gemini

Geminis love teasing and they are the masters of butterfly kisses! Oh, they are also the kind of people who don’t mind telling others how they want to be kissed! Slow or fierce? They are here to guide you!

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  1. Cancer

Cancerians are the caring ones. Needless to say, they will always want to show their affection towards you. If you are dating a Cancerian, you will be showered with constant kisses, and things always get heated up once they start!

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  1. Leo

Leos aren’t afraid of people accusing them of too much PDA! They are the ones who will give you toe-curling kisses on a street or in front of a large audience without feeling shy! They know exactly what you want and will give it to you until you are begging for more!

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  1. Virgo

Virgos are the kind of perfectionists you’d want to kiss! They will pay great attention to detail and you will be glad that you are kissing a person like that. Because when it comes to kissing, you don’t want anything less than perfect, right?!

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  1. Libra

Winks from across the room, seductive smiles, and suggestive looks are what Libras do in public. And when the two of you are alone, well, things will get really passionate! So romantic that you will want to spend the rest of your life with them!

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  1. Scorpio

Most passionate person award goes to: Scorpio! While they do everything with passion, kissing is an entirely different arena for them! And the kissing doesn’t stop at the mouth, their lips will make sure they taste every inch of your body!

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  1. Sagittarius

Sagittarians know how to please their partners! If they know what you really want, they will make sure you get it! So you better know what you desire, alright?!

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  1. Capricorn

Never thought you liked being kissed on a certain spot? Well, Capricorns will help you figure that out! They know kissing secrets that no one else has ever tried on you and a kiss from them will have you falling in their arms, literally!

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  1. Aquarius

If you want someone to put up a show for you before the ‘big kiss’, start looking for an Aquarian! Mood, setting, and, er, position, they will look after everything! We have definitely started our ‘Aquarius search’!

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  1. Pisces

Super devoted to the person they are with, Pisceans love teasing while kissing! Biting and licking in between kisses is pretty usual for those born under this zodiac sign. Think you will be ready for this? Of course you will!

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