We Bet You’ll Never Buy Bad Weed Again! 7 Differences Between Good And Bad Weed!

If you thought you were a pro at buying weed, think again! The next time you buy your weed, consider this – 7 ways to know the difference between good weed and bad weed!

  1. Crystals Look closely for crystals. The more the better!
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  2. Dryness Your weed shouldn’t be too dry. If it crumbles as you break it apart, it isn’t a good sign!
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  3. Colour Good marijuana should ideally be green but certain other colors like purple, orange or red are acceptable. Brown weed, however, is NOT acceptable!
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  4. Smell Good weed has a very strong smell to it. Sometimes so strong that you can smell it through the bag. Bad weed will usually have a faint or no smell!
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  5. Wetness Just like dryness, your weed shouldn’t be too wet either.5
  6. Hair Those tiny hair at the end of your weed are like cherries on a cake! The more the merrier!6
  7. Stickiness Good weed should feel sticky when you break it up. Stickier weed will you give you a better high!
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The more you know!