We Bet You Wouldn't Have Heard Of These! 7 Unique Ice Cream Flavours in Mumbai!

What is life without a little adventure! Just plain vanilla (see what we did there)

Ice creams remind us of all the good things in life – happiness, peace, the summer of 69, etc.! Remember that summer where you went out with your family for ice cream? Yeah those kind of memories!

But what if you fought dacoits at 3 in the night to save the planet by eating the last scoop of ice cream EVER? Isn’t that a bang? Well, that’s what these 7 ice creams will make you feel!

  1. Chai Ice Cream – Masala Library, BKC Are you the kind of person who picks chai over dessert? Well, this ice cream will let you enjoy both! Masala chai infused ice cream topped with chai foam and a side of cinnamon cookies. Because you shouldn’t have to choose between your favourite beverage and dessert!
    Source - That foodie chick Source - That foodie chick
  2. Beer popsicles – The White Owl, Lower Parel Freshly brewed beer turned into iced popsicles served on butter cookie crumbs. Beer and ice cream together? PRAISE THE LORD!
    Source - mid-day.com Source - mid-day.com
  3. Bacon and Olive Oil Ice Cream – Mezzo Mezzo, Marriot, Juhu Hand-churned ice cream with chunks of bacon in it. Faith in humanity: RESTORED!
    Source - homegrown.co.in Source - homegrown.co.in
  4. Green Chilli Ice Cream – Bachelorr’s, Chowpatty This ice cream has become a favourite it’s that good! Beware: You can’t see the chillies but the spice will hit you!
    Source - thehighheeltalk.com Source - thehighheeltalk.com
  5. Chocolate Truffle and Whiskey Ice Cream – Gallops, Mahalaxmi The richness of truffle with hints of smooth whiskey running through it. Need we say more?
    Source - homegrown.co.in Source - homegrown.co.in
  6. Bubbling Kulfi – Spice Klub, Lower Parel This eatery has reached the heights of creativity – test tube panipuris and deconstructed vada pavs are the favourites! And now it has something new to offer, Indian ice cream served in a flask full of liquid nitrogen with four different flavors – rose, chocolate, rabdi, caramel, blueberry! Try it to believe it!
    Source - burp.com Source - burp.com
  7. Blue Cheese And Honey Ice Cream – The Caramel Carousel, Bandra If you’ve ever tried blue cheese, you’d dread an ice cream of the same flavor. However, The Caramel Carousel has dared enough to infuse the strong flavored blue cheese with the subtle honey. This ice cream is going to change your life!
    Source - hindustantimes.com Source - hindustantimes.com
So where are your late night cravings taking you?