We Bet You Will Have The Most Hilarious International Joke Day With These 15 Gags

What do you call an old snowman? ^Think Think^ No?

Water! Haha!

Why the joke? Because it’s International Joke day folks!

While the origins of this rib ticking day are unknown, one can assume that the creators wanted people to spread laughter by telling jokes to everyone they met. On this day you ought to share the most rib tickling and funny jokes.

Do you think you are funny? Today is the best day to let out all those riotous, hilarious jokes that you have been stashing up!

It’s the official jokes sharing day and there is no way we would let you go without a few laughs! Bewakoof’s Gags are famous for being extremely witty and downright funny. We bring to you a list of the funniest ones. Here are 15 funny gags compiled by Bewakoof.com

  1. Now we know how the makers of Udta Punjab must have felt!humor 1
  1. Sleepy heads over here!humor 2
  1. There we go! One more to the list of ‘Alia Bhatt Jokes.’humor 3
  1. Superman would prefer an overdose of kryptonite than hear this. It did crack you up though, right?humor 4
  1. Indian Parents are unpredictable and uncertain.humor 5
  1. And Indian parents don’t seem to get why we need pocket money!humor 6
  1. One does not simply pass engineering.humor 7
  1. Adding one more to the list of engineering humor. “I love engineering,” said no one ever!humor 8
  1. Wonder what’s common between the roads of India and 50 shades of Grey? Take a look!humor 9
  1. Taking Literal translations to a whole new level!humor 10
  1. It’s honestly time for Ishant Sharma to do something about his hair!humor 11
  1. What is the deal with not trusting lady drivers?humor 12
  1. Feminists can have an amazing sense of humor.humor 13
  1. This one will surely crack you up! Hey, are you listening?humor 14
  1. The last one. The funniest one.humor 15

Did we crack you up enough? Is that a happy face staring at the screen? Now take time from your monotonous routines and crack others up too with our funniest gags! We wish you roll on the floor and laugh your as**s out today. A very happy Joke day to all of you!

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