Watch Out! 7 Pre Sex Rituals Women Follow but will never Talk About

Who says it’s just guys who take sex seriously? Even women do! Okay, well we don’t always admit to it. Women desire and want sex as much as you want. Men often complain that women in bed are too shy to speak about their fantasies, but guys, that’s not all; there are also things to do before sex that women will not talk about. Curious? Why are we here for? To help you know what they don’t say. As much as the pointers will make you ticklish, they are definitely NSFW

Dim the lights and read on:
  1. Women will always be women, so any excuse to buy anything new is always a good excuse. When it comes to what women want in bed, it’s definitely sexy lingerie. So guys, next time you are making out with her, make sure you do appreciate her new set of inner inmates, because she has indeed made a lot of effort to impress you.
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  2. This is slightly neurotic, but yes women do plan a lot and imagine even more about the various kinds of sex positions she would want to try with you. That’s a common sex ritual even boys opt for. Well, shhhh!
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  3. Like that tough game of tennis, women do a pep talk that’s quite like a reassurance. Yes, just before their porn night. Not to forget, it’s also an instant confidence boost.
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  4. Women in bed, farting while orgasming, sounds gross? Okay, so yeah, women avoid junk all day long before their make out sessions. So what are the good foods they intake, you ask? Well, in order to smell and taste amazing, pineapples, citrus fruits, jasmine tea and the like are some of the foods they love to have all day long. Women, who haven’t been doing this ritual, and still think how to smell good down there, here’s your answer.
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  5. Hair, bye bye. Yes, so all that unwanted hair they have been cultivating for six months are shaved. For that much needed dirty weekend ahead, you need a quick trim and there you go.
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  6. They pee, because, horrific things happening to bladder, no way. Accidental Squirting? Not you!
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  7. Girls listen to sex music, just to bring out the best. Also, to get into the mood.
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Want to try a new sex ritual, but with your bae? How about a Lap dance?