Watch! Laugh! Share! Why Are Videos On Social Media Going Viral?

Funny videos! Baby videos! Dog videos! Cat videos and on and on! They’re everywhere! YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat are filled with it! And these viral videos are taking the internet by storm. A million views and thousand likes, viral videos have become a quick pit-stop source of laughter! Under a minute and it’d tickle your funny bone! Why is that happening? These viral videos have no actors in it, but have become a hit! Why?  

  1. Short and Cute
    The viewer’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter, this means that the video content has to be tightened to seconds or a minute! So a short video and living things that do not talk! For eg: babies, dogs, cats, rabbits and so on. Simple isn’t it? A cute element in a short video and the video storms the internet!
    source - mumbub.com

  2. It is always released on a Monday
    We hate Mondays! After a lazy weekend, we have to show up to office. Now that is boring! So it only makes sense to release these short and cute videos on a boring day. And while at work, people browse through YouTube and Instagram for some laughter, so all they’ll find are these videos. Hmmm, we call this: Monday Marketing!
    source - appleinsider.com

  3. Emotional Content
    We millennials are emotional creatures. That’s why we are naturally drawn to things that arouse our emotions! Videos showing funny babies or pets and angry rants just brighten up our day. Oh sorry, not day but Monday! When we feel the same emotion as what the video portrays, we feel the urge to share it to others and what follows after: A MILLION VIEWS!
    source - sheknows.com

  4. Upbeat
    These videos have an upbeat content to it! Upbeat? Yes, happy emotions and positive emotions always outperform the sad emotions from a video. So the makers of these videos know to tap the right chords with an upbeat message from their short and cute videos!
    source - popmatters.com

  5. It gives viewers to do something
    A video that viewers want to share is great. A video that gives viewers something to do is awesome! A funny pet video will make a viewer do the same to their pet. The basic funda is to make the viewer engagement friendly. And these videos don’t have a budget or a camera crew, so for the viewer to do the same is simple!
    source - unicefstories.org

  6. CTA
    Call to action will encourage people to like and share the videos with their friends and turn it viral. They don’t have a direct call to action. In fact, a subtle call to action works better in some circumstances because it makes the viewers think that they have the freedom to choose to share or not, instead of being forced into doing it! So the right words are what all these viral videos have!
    source - youtube.com

  7. The videos are timely
    The reason why these videos create a storm on the social media is because they mock the current events trending around the globe! They can be anything, from pop culture to political news, a dose of laughter in it and boom! It has to go viral on the social media!
    source - cup.linguistlist.org


Well, so we’ve told you the reasons why these viral videos have taken social media by storm!
How about we tell you something more about videos?

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