WAKE UP ALERT! 5 Signs He is MICRO CHEATING on You and you Don’t Know

Do you trust your boyfriend totally? Think Again!

He might be walking the line between friendly and flirty and you are absolutely unaware or may be ignorant. He might have couple of ex flames on the back burner just in case your affair doesn’t work out. Would you still be okay?

Here’s how you can find out he’s micro cheating on you:
  • When you meet your girlfriends, they always alert you about how flirty he is with them and it’s awkward AF. No, he’s not naughty; he’s autistic, flirtatiously autistic. Ok, whatever that means, look out girl!
    1 Micro cheating Source - Flirt
  • What’s more gross is that you have never met his friends or his friends don’t even know you guys are even dating. Sexiness, beware, that’s one hell of a creepy guy!
    2 Micro cheating Source -New Love Times
  • He texts you back after ‘forever’ but is forever texting someone while you guys are together. Smell something fishy! Let’s be honest here!
    3 Micro cheating Source - Mirror
  • You guys decide to have a club hopping evening with friends and he is always found next to a stranger at the shots corner. Are you sobbing? Instead, get to him fast enough!
    4 Micro cheating Source - Thirty Something London
  • How he always complains of women flirting with him all the time, and he is only a victim, hell no, he’s equally interested.
    5 Micro cheating Source - Love Panky

No, don’t break up yet, or yell at him, sit him down and chat!

P.S – No loyal relationships were hurt while writing this post