VIBRATING PANTIES! 5 Thoughts Every Girl Would Have After Wearing Them

There’s suddenly so much noise about Vibrating Panties, like really, thanks to Wearable Technology!

Keeping it simple, vibrating panties are remote controlled sex toys that have a vibrator in their lining. They come with a remote. Whoa!

This is one of the best sex inventions of all times. Trying them on, we wonder what would girls be like?

  • It’ll be so much dirty fun to wear them to movies, like specially during those intimate scenes, getting buzzed by a vibrating panty would be like perfect orgasm overalls.
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  • Why would we need guys then? IRRELEVANT!
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  • Couple alert! Ill give the remote control to my boyfriend! Such a capable man!
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  • Teens have it easy! Fun times all around.
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  • Just when you cared for 8 seconds and then got distracted this is such a great pal during boring office meetings!
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You’ll swear this stuff happened to you as well!