Vests – Now more than just a piece of innerwear

Vests were simple and plain. They were a completely functional and utilitarian piece of apparel that was worn under your shirt, and forgotten post that. It was a tool to prevent your shirt, T shirt from getting too sweaty and thus extending its wearable life. It sometimes had a pocket within which you could store and keep any critical valuables you were carrying. If you wore that vest while on vacation; whether in India or abroad, you would put your passport in there and guard it with all your life.

This white piece of clothing was something that we just took for granted and wore throughout our childhoods, carrying it onto adulthood like a habit that we never really grew out of. I argue that it is extremely boring and cliché to wear a vest or god forbid, a banyan. It is now much more than just another piece of innerwear that gathers blue spots on it because you used too much neel trying to make it look white.

A vest has several more contemporary and more aesthetically pleasing uses, a vest for men is like an enhancer. It can be worn on its own comfortably while working out and is much more modern now than it is widely considered by the male populace, especially in India. The fabrics are now much more softer and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time along with being available in several colours. Prints on vests are also becoming a big fashion trend and they look very easy on the eye. The vest is a minimalistic and eye catching piece of clothing now. A very far cry from what it used to be like before and it is important to step out of that old and regressive mind set before you miss out on this trend. Narrow mindedness does not work at all when it comes to keeping up with fashion.

A vest is great when paired with a nice pair of Woodland boots and cargoes. A couple of chains and brass knuckles and the gangster look is achieved. A pair of trainers and gym shorts and the athlete look is achieved. Whatever the scenario, vests make you look cool and flatter your body no matter what the situation.

Vests are best worn to the gym. It is a great way to track your progress and show off your newly gained muscle and steel. The whole idea behind wearing a vest as casual wear is to show off your body and make others green with envy. A great way to show your dedication and commitment to the hours that you spend at the gym is by using vests more and more in your daily life. There are more and more fashions now, including vests that feature haveli jokes. A Mi 4A Cover is also more than just a phone cover.