Up Your Game! 7 Food Styling Tips That Will Make You A Pro!

Good food photography can make a bland looking dish look mouth-watering. But not always! Food photography largely depends upon food styling and if the latter is mastered, you can make your dish speak for itself!

So here are 7 tips to keep in mind while styling your platter!
  1. Choose your ingredients well Look for ingredients that are unblemished and have good shapes especially if you’re showcasing them raw.
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  2. Be realistic There are good garnishes and there are illogical ones. Don’t get carried away and add garnishes that one can’t imagine putting in his mouth. Also, stay in sync with what’s IN the dish and showcase the same outside!
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  3. Get messy but not dirty A little mess communicates dynamism and the unbridled pleasure of eating. But there’s a slight difference between a mess that you’d like to eat – like a melting scoop of ice cream – and mess that kills your hunger.
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  4. Communicate a story Make sure your background goes well with what you’re serving. Express a story through your food and build the atmosphere around it. For example, the bottom right photo best expresses the casual and autumnal qualities of the dish!
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  5. Highlight dimensions and break boundaries Don’t keep everything flat. Break up surfaces and play with boundaries to bring the food to life!
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  6. Pay attention to details Small details like a stray drop of grease can make a difference. Small blemishes like dry patches or extra-greasy patches can be fixed with a brush.
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  7. Know when to stop Just because you can add another fork or napkin into the scene doesn’t mean you should. Don’t make the space so crammed that the focus is shifted. After all, the dish has to be the highlight!
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Experiment and play around!