Unexplored! 9 places In Northeast India That Will Leave You Awestruck!

“A Good traveler has no fixed plans and is not content on leaving.” This stands true in the case of The Land of Seven sisters- the mesmerizing Northeast India. You simply can’t arrive and claim, “That’s it I have seen it all”. A few steps away, an unseen beautiful waterfall would be waiting for you.  The clouds floating right by your side and the sun rising from amongst the valley, Northeast holds something special to experience.

Why is it that the most beautiful places are often left unexplored? While many are interested and plan on traveling there, very few finally visit. So we decided to bring together a list of beautiful places that are waiting to be explored. Not only are these places divinely beautiful, the culture of North east is so diverse and different from the rest of India that it will never fail to excite, educate and amaze you.

Here are 9 breath taking places in the northeast nobody is talking about:

  1. Kaziranga National Park:

It’s not just any other national park. Declared a UNESCO Heritage site, this national park is home to one horned rhinos. Where else will you get to bond with one-horned Rhinoceros? This is an experience that you can add to your ^things to tell my grandchildren^ list.

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  1. The Tawang Monastery:

It is the largest Monastery in India. Situated at a height of 10,000 feet in Arunachal Pradesh, it gives a breath taking view of the valley. It is famous for its celestial beauty in the night and it has 850 sculptures to admire.

P.S. You have to visit this place on a full moon night! It’s a delight!

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  1. The Ziro Valley:

The Ziro valley has some breath taking views that are going to be etched in your memory forever.

Attending the Ziro valley night concert towards the end of the September is a part of every traveler’s bucket list.  Rock Music folks, this is one concert you don’t want to miss.

Source - www.theholidayindia.com Source - www.theholidayindia.com
  1. Nathu La Pass:

The literal translation of Nathu La is ‘Listening ears’. You will have the most delightful echo experience here. The trek to the pass is unforgettable and you get to see enchanting lakes on your way.

Source - www.theholidayindia.com Source - www.theholidayindia.com
  1. The Gorichen Peak:

The peak is located at 6,500 meters above the sea level. The trek is considered to be one of the easiest and the most climbable. Imagine the ecstasy you will feel once you have scaled this huge mountain.

Source - www.theholidayindia.com Source - www.theholidayindia.com
  1. Cherrapunji:

The wettest place in the world finds its home in Meghalaya. Cherrapunji is also famous for its living root bridges formed due to incessant rain. You can set up camp underneath these bridges! Campers, over here!

Source - www.theholidayindia.com Source - www.theholidayindia.com
  1. The Jaintia Hills:

Located in the heart of Meghalaya, these hills are stuffed with limestone deposits. The Hills have a number of caves for the explorer in you to enjoy. These caves further lead you to a number of shallow long caves.

There is something about caves that is so appealing!

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  1. The Yak Safari:

A safari on an animal as huge and peaceful as the yak holds something magical in itself. The surrounding views while riding the majestic creature form a feeling of unity that you can seldom experience anywhere else.

Source - www.theholidayindia.com Source - www.theholidayindia.com
  1. The Bihu Festival:

Held in the scenic state of Assam, the Bihu festival is an amalgamation of three festivals spread throughout the year. The whole area is filled with enthusiasm and color, like we have come to associate with the region.

The North East is a land like no other. With ample views to take from the visit, it serves up a mesmerizing view at every corner that you turn. It is a land of the holy, the mighty, and the believers. Which one are you?

Source - www.theholidayindia.com Source - www.theholidayindia.com

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