Un-basic the way you dine! 7 restaurants that are unusually unique!

Dining is fine! But what if we tell you that this experience can be heightened? Well, there are restaurants in India that will take you on a dining trip unlike any other!

So, take a look at 7 of the most unique restaurants across India.

  1. 21 Fahrenheit, Mumbai

    21 Fahrenheit, Mumbai Source - Tumblr

    When the temperature outside kills, this is the place to chill! Well, literally! A fine dining and ice lounge combo, 21 Fahrenheit has everything from tables to chairs to glasses and plates made of ice. But don’t worry, you’ll be provided with gloves and coats to keep you as warm as the food that is served! Cool huh?

  2. The Bar Stock Exchange, Mumbai

    The Bar Stock Exchange, Mumbai Source - financialexpress.com

    A pub that works on the principles of the stock market. The prices of drinks rise or fall according to their popularity and demand. Now that’s unique!

  3. 70 mm, Hyderabad

    70 mm, Hyderabad Source - ohris.com

    Are you a movie enthusiast AND a food lover? Well, this restaurant does it for you! 70 mm has movie posters lining the walls and Bollywood movies being played on a gigantic screen! Fans, rejoice!

  4. Taste of darkness, Hyderabad

    Taste of darkness, Hyderabad Source - maffat.com

    Food is an experience! Taste of darkness takes this phrase quite literally. Imagine…a proper dinner with good food and great service except in complete darkness!

  5. Firangi Dhaba, Mumbai

    Firangi Dhaba, Mumbai Source - waytoindia.com

    From the ambience of a rustic dhaba to seating in an auto-rickshaw, this restaurant is indeed a lively experience! Bonus: The menu cards are in the form of truck number plates!

  6. Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai

    Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai Source - thehindu.com

    Ever wondered what it feels like to be in a prison cell? Well, you don’t need to murder someone for this experience! With waiters dressed as jailers and inmates, Kaidi Kitchen is sure to make you feel handcuffed!

  7. Tihar Food Court, Delhi

    Tihar Food Court, Delhi Source - reuters.com

    From an artificial prison to a real one! South Asia’s largest prison complex Tihar has established a food court where the convicts are employed as waiters and staff! A simple place with a great initiative!

So, get up and get going!