Uhhh…No I Don’t Do That! 7 Things Every Dog Owner Does But Won’t Admit!

We, dog owners do quite a lot of things when left alone with our best friends…and we’re not very proud of them! But we thought ehhh…let’s laugh together at all the silly things we do because a little weirdness is okay!

So, here are 7 things that every dog owner does!

  1. Dog: *sneezes* Me: awww…bless you!
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  2. When the dog goes #2… Me: C’mon, do it for momma!
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  3. Me: *is changing clothes* Dog: *looks at me* Me: *goes somewhere else to change*
    Source - Wilde About Dogs Source - Wilde About Dogs
  4. ‘Accidentally’ drops food on the ground and ‘forgets’ to pick it up!
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  5. Spends more time reading the nutritional values of dog food than own food!
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  6. Says something to dog and answers it in a ‘dog’ voice!
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  7. Makes the dog wear own clothes!
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It’s okay! Your secrets are safe with us!