Type, Search and Follow! 9 Weed Instagram Accounts to Follow

Everyone needs an inspiration. And so people follow pages and celebrities on Instagram. But what about pot-heads and stoners? Who do they follow? Located all over the world, the people behind these strain Instagram accounts come from all walks of life. One thing they do share though, is a passion for strains, in all shapes and forms. So sit back, relax, roll one up, and scroll through the coolest strain Instagram accounts. 


  1. Snoopdogg
    Think of a famous weed celebrity and dog, it’s Snoopdogg! Lots of selfie videos of him on stage and rolling a joint. His Instagram page is all about weed, marijuana, bongs and so on! It’s a pretty fun page, after stalking his page one could forget that Snoopdogg’s a rapper and not a dedicated weed promoter! Or wait, is he?
    source - thedishh.com

  2. headyhawaii
    headyhawaii is an Instagram page full of pictures of bongs taken by a Hawaiian dude. Really colorful stuff here and interesting pictures of bongs to gaze at. He actually owns some of the bongs and you can purchase it from it too! The colors of the page are enough to give one a trippy experience! Wow, page to trip on!
    source - imgrum.net

  3. cheechandchong
    These guys sell pipes and bongs, which is quite normal. But the owners do a road trip, completely stoned doing a bunch of hilarious stuff! Sometimes they even have hotties of the week or babes of the day! Hmmm…seems like the hotties are calling!
    source - twitter.com

  4. strainhunters
    Now this page is completely dedicated to smoking weed. The owners of the page: Arjan and Franco are strain hunters on a mission. The mission; preserve the most vulnerable strains of cannabis in the poorest parts of the world. They search far and wide to find the best and most unique strains. One can see them smoking weed in exotic locations, smoking weed with the locals smoking weed and then there’s pictures of them smoking weed in fields full of weeds! Man, they sure love weed a lot!
    source - youtube.com

  5. liambeats
    Ever heard of a creepy weed Instagram page? Well, if you haven’t, then liambeats is the one to follow! The page’s slogan is Quality of Quantity, and here they have pictures of weed, marijuana, spiders and flies all in high definition! It’s all about quality here!
    source - twitter.com


       6. Blunt Slut (Katarina Catapano)
          She loves her weed and she’s not afraid to show it!  If you’re interested in watching a bad-ass chick roll and smoke weed, follow this account, because that’s pretty much all you’re going to see. Weed               isn't all she's into though, Katarina often features inspirational posts, such as quotes and words of wisdom. Woman, we love you already!

source - twitter.com


  1. Nothingbutmilk
    Nothing but milk?! More like nothing but weed!  This page is unique because the owner is often smoking weed in a variety of places. Whether it’s in the snow, at the beach or watching the sunset, this Instagram pothead never fails to let one know where he's smoking! He also posts tons of cute pics of his cat doing awesome stuff!
    source - urip.esy.es

  2. Valleyrec420
    Every joint is a masterpiece in itself! But this page will make every other joint look like an amateur’s job! Some examples of the best rolled joints are shark, squid, turtle and even a gun! This page takes rolling a joint to a whole new level! Every joint they roll is a masterpiece and is totally smokeable!
    source - digg.com

  3. better.tm
    Perhaps the most influential weed pages on Instagram, better.tm is based in Israel. Their mission is growing medical grade cannabis and weed without any harmful chemicals. They offer their products as edibles, pills, capsules, inhalers, vaporization inserts, suppositories, oils, and creams, all for different medical uses. Better weed for a better tomorrow!
    source - pictaram.com

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