Travelling 6 Months a Year? 7 Things You Should Know Beforehand

We’ve all wanted to have a long vacation, and by long vacation, we mean a looooong vacation. Something around 6 months, with lots of travelling. Sounds adventurous, right? There’s only one issue – we have no idea what one needs to do in order to travel that long. Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for! We’ll guide you along the way with some tips that will make your vacation worthwhile.

Let’s get started!

1. Eat just like the locals

Don’t spend your money on fancy restaurants every day, just because you’re scared of getting diarrhea. Enjoying the street food and local delicacies will help you celebrate the culture of the residents. Also, it makes sure you don’t become broke!

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2. Do small jobs during your trip

If you’re tired of doing nothing for 6 months straight, do small jobs during your stay. These will provide you some extra cash to spend and you’ll be doing something productive as well. You can search for these jobs online beforehand or just ask the locals!

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3. Always check the weather

Nobody wants it to rain terror on them when they visit a country for vacation. Make sure to check the weather of each place before you visit to ensure that there are no let downs. When it comes to vacations, sometimes the weather makes all the difference!

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4. Make flexible plans

Whether the mountains are calling or the roads need cycling, make sure you can change your plans in case of emergencies, or in case you just want to be spontaneous! Also plan a proper route if your trip involves visiting several countries.

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5. Save money beforehand

Amsterdam or California, you will need money if you’re travelling to both! Hands down, you will spend more money than you plan to. So keep more than one piggy bank at home, because you need to save loads of money!

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6. Don’t shop till you drop

You can’t afford to travel with 10 trolley bags behind you. You need to pack minimal and buy the smallest souvenirs you can find, or better yet don’t buy any at all. Just take pictures, eat good food and enjoy the landscapes!

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7. Be prepared for unhappiness

6 months of travelling can leave you feeling upset from time to time. You may want to cancel and run back home, but don’t do that! Do what you set out  for, take pleasure in knowing the life lessons you learned while travelling for 6 months straight!

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