Travel Trouble? 9 Travel Apps That Will Make Your Trip 10x Better!

It’s the 21st century! The world is shrinking and technology has made life so much easier. Even travel! So, are you travelling around India or planning a trip to India for the first time? Well, there are tons of apps that can make your trip a lot easier. But which ones are the best? Here is a list of 9 of the best travel apps.
  1. Cab – OLA / Uber / Meru Cabs are a local and convenient mode of transport. Download these apps and you’ll have no problem reaching your friend’s place in minutes!
    Cab Source - ola.in
  2. Bus – Redbus For intercity travel, buses are more affordable and safer! Redbus is India’s premier bus-booking service and operates in most cities!
    Redbus Source - redbus.in
  3. Trains – IRCTC / M-Indicator What better travel mode than the railways?! The fastest and cheapest modes of travelling, trains are an integral part of a travel experience! This app lets you book tickets, shows train schedules and updates you about the train details.
    IRCTC / M-Indicator Source - trak.in
  4. Flights – Make My Trip Cheap flight tickets, hotels or anything really, this app does the job better than any other app! Make My Trip is the premium portal for air tickets!
    Make My Trip Source - coupon4all.in
  5. Hotels – Make My Trip / Booking Now Booking Now is a really good option since it doesn’t charge you till a day before your booking. Last minute change of plans? No worries!
    Make My Trip Source - infinitelegroom.com
  6. Budget hotels – OYO Rooms Budget hotels are the ultimate one-day alternative for fancy hotels! Standard rooms have WiFi, complimentary breakfast, toiletries, air-conditioning, etc.
    OYO Rooms Source - Tech Crunch
  7. Food – Zomato The largest restaurant directory and recommendation service in the country, Zomato has a well-categorized system to cater to your fancies!
    Zomato Source - maybeldner.com
  8. Tourism – Tripigator The best trip planning and organizing app out there. The smart engine feature is the highlight of the app – feed in your destinations, interests and budget and it will customize an itinerary for you!
    Tripigator Source - squarespace.com
  9. Navigation – Triposo Navigation has never been easier! Triposo works offline as well, so no need to empty your pockets on data charges.
    Triposo Source - mzstatic.com
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